May 19, 2007

Hugo Announces “Good Neighbor Days”

The City has released details for Hugo’s upcoming “Good Neighbor Days”, June 7 - 10.  This year’s celebration and parade honors all of America’s veterans and their families.  Our Upcoming Events page has links to the details.

May 17, 2007

Pool Opening Fiesta Set for June 3

The Victor Gardens Social Events Committee has announced its first event. A Pool Opening Fiesta is planned for Sunday June, 3 3:30 - 6:30.

RSVP by May 29 to

May 16, 2007

Poet’s Green Fountain Working Again

Thanks to Michael Warner who cleaned and filled the fountain in Poet's Green.  To keep it running, neighbors are encouraged to fill the fountain occasionally with a bucket of water.  

Walk-Through Notes

Yesterday we walked through Victor Gardens with Dave Hempel and Gina Higgins to review specific neighborhood questions and concerns.  The list that follows is a brief overview of most of what was discussed.

Issues addressed near Victor Gardens main entrance,Victor Square and the Community Center:

  1. A.Main Entrance:  The main entrance fountain will be repaired and filled.  The immediate area will also be planted with annuals.  In the future, the expense of this areas maintenance will hopefully be shared with the new, nearby retail businesses.

  2. B.Fencing & Monuments:  Some areas contained wrought-iron style fencing and decorative monuments (land office & main entrance).  These were removed to make way for new development.  Efforts will be made to save those items and re-use them where possible.

  3. C.Displaced Trees:  Some Shrubs and Trees in the above areas will be saved and moved to new locations if possible.

  4. D.Marketing Signs:  Proper placement of accurate “model homes”, “homesites available” signs, and lot identification signs was discussed with Dave Hempel.  Signs will be removed or corrected.  Other VG marketing signs may be placed in new locations closer to available lots for sale. Missing lot identification will hopefully be replaced.

  5. E.“Welcome to Hugo” monument sign:  Electrical and landscaping work is needed around the monument sign to complete the project.

  6. F.Sunken concrete at Gazebo:  We are awaiting bids for the repair of the Victor Square gazebo concrete.

  7. G.Leaning fountain controls and fence screening at Victor Square’s pond:  A work order has been issued to correct this problem.

  8. H.Restart Garden Irrigation: VG’s landscape contractor, Early Bird, will be asked to assess the feasibility of re-connecting irrigation in VG’s fenced garden adjacent to former Land Office site.  This is important to provide water to perennial and annual plantings inside VG’s garden.

  9. I.Temporarily Expand Garden:  CPDC will further explore the idea of temporarily expanding the area to the East of VG’s fenced garden.

  10. J.Fenced garden:  Finish off the fencing in the garden to a logical stopping point. 

  11. K.Pool Heater: The mechanical room for the Pool’s heater needs better fresh air venting. Bids will be requested for repairs.

  12. L.Message Board:  A new message board will be located on the outside of the Community Center near the doorway under the light fixture.

  13. M.Dead Trees:  Bids/estimates will be requested to remove and/or replace the many dead boulevard trees near Community Center.  

  14. N.Junk Removal:  Empty barrels will be removed from the area on the Northern side of the lake. Remaining debris will be cleared when the adjacent property is developed.

  15. O.Annual Plantings:  Annual plantings to be installed by landscape design company, Sarah’s Cottage Creations.

  16. P.Replace mulch in common areas:  Mulch around the trees throughout the community’s common areas is scheduled to be “refreshed” in the next few weeks.

  17. Q.Remove silt fence & wire fencing:  Some old, unneeded silt fencing, mostly near walking trails and roadways will be removed by CPDC.

Issues addressed near Poet’s Green and the Arbre Park:

  1. R.Tree splint:  A tree along Victor Hugo Blvd. in Poet’s Green Park will be checked by landscape contractor to determine whether the splint can be removed.

  2. S.Poet’s Green Fountain:  Neighbors are encouraged to fill the fountain by hand, and start the fountain’s pump.  Please contact Mark for details.

  3. T.Refresh mulch and repair edging in City-owned Arbre Park playground:  Since the parks are owned by the city, this issue will be discussed with City staff.

  4. U.Damaged sod due to snowplowing:  One homeowner reported a problem that will be addressed by the snowplowing contractor.

  5. V.Truck damage:  Reoccurring damage, caused by construction and garbage trucks on the alley near Garden Way, was reported by a homeowner. A landscaping solution has been proposed to homeowner to prevent future damage.  The problem may be lessened in the future, as the area is nearly built-out.  The garbage-hauling company will be notified that they may need to use smaller trucks and be more careful around the affected properties.

Issues addressed near Val Jean Park and the areas East of Clearwater Creek:

  1. W.Dog damage in common areas:  The grass surrounding the Postal Station at Cossette Way and Victor Hugo Blvd. is significantly damaged by dog waste & urine. Until owners prevent their dogs from using this common area as a toilet, it’s pointless to replace sod or re-seed.  Hopefully the situation will improve enough to re-evaluate this area at a later time.

  2. X.Unsold lot appearance – tall grass & weeds:  Dave Hempel has agreed to a new mowing schedule.  The mowing contractor will mow CPDC’s vacant lots every two weeks in the heaviest growing season (Spring) up until July 4.  After July 4 the mowing will be done on a monthly basis.  As fall approaches and the grass grows faster again, we may review this plan to increase the mowing schedule accordingly.

  3. Y.Unsold lot appearance – low areas collect water:  According to Dave Hempel, filling in low areas in unsold lots would require a re-grade of the entire area.  CPDC will not re-grade vacant lots.  According to Mr. Hempel, the issue will be solved when the lots are sold and built-out with new homes.

  4. Z.Model home banners, signs, flags, streamers, balloons:  According to Dave Hempel, VG’s Architectural Review committee will speak to builders with model homes to address this problem.

  5. AA.Wetlands area will be expanded near Garden Way and Val Jean Blvd near the eventual connection of the two streets.

  6. BB.Construction debris left by Nottinghome Builders:  Large roof trusses have been left on CPDC’s vacant lots on Garden Way near the wetlands.  Dave Hempel will speak to Nottinghome Builders and/or the truss company to address the problem. 

  7. CC.Landscape damage:  Dave Hempel will speak to sidewalk contractor about damage to a homeowners landscaping.

  8. DD.Easement & Outlot maintenance: Mowing and maintaining pipeline and utility easement areas is the responsibility of individual homeowners.  Outlots owned by VG Community Association, such as wetlands, and along the creek are to remain wild. 

  9. EE.Sod in new areas:  Sod will be laid to fill the boulevards between sidewalks and curb and one row of sod will be laid on the opposite side of the sidewalk.  Mowing and maintenance of these areas will be the responsibility of individual homeowners. 

  10. FF.Structure at Val Jean Blvd. & Everton Ave.:  This structure is a wastewater lift station connected to Hugo’s sewer system.

  11. GG.New parks/squares/greens:  New small parks are planned for the area near Ryland Homes and Pratt’s new Villas.

CPDC’s Marketing of New Home Sites

A question has been asked about how Victor Gardens developer, CPDC, intends to show or sell single-family home site lots without a Land Office.  

Dave Hempel of CPDC is aware of changes needed regarding marketing and lot identification signs.  Some signs may be placed in new locations, and interested buyers may be directed to, CPDC’s phone number, or individual builder's phone numbers.