New Resident Guide

Victor Gardens Single Family Village Homeowner's Association New Resident Guide

Condo residents should contact their own associations for location-appropriate newcomer info.

Welcome Home!

On behalf of your new neighbors who also call Victor Gardens Single Family Village (SFV) their home, welcome to the neighborhood! We hope your time here will be filled with fun, family and new friends. We are excited to watch our neighborhoods, parks, and city grows into a great place to live, work, shop and play.

New Resident Guide:
The purpose of this New Resident's Guide is to provide a brief overview of basic neighborhood information, a few helpful website links, and an introduction to our Covenants. It's important to note that this Guide does not cover all of the details. It's just a starting point. When you're ready to dig deeper, there is a wealth of information posted on


Our Community Manager:

Our Community Manager takes care of our Association's day-to-day affairs. When you're finished unpacking, call her if you have any questions about living in Victor Gardens.

Nicole Miller
Community Manager
Associa Minnesota
7100 Northland Circle N., Suite 300
Brooklyn Park, MN 55428

763.225.6400 – Main
763.746.1188 – Customer Service 


Very important- please read: 
Covenants & Bylaws: 
Victor Gardens is an architecturally controlled community with mandatory assessments, covenants, and restrictions. Your closing attorney should have provided you with documentation of these at your closing, however a complete set of the Bylaws and Declaration of Covenants may be obtained from the Community Manager or reviewed within the Master Association Info and Single Family Village Association Info pages on Please familiarize yourself and your family with these covenants and restrictions. 

Very important- please read:
The Architectural Review Process - Modifying your Home's Exterior or Landscape:

You must receive the Architectural Review Committee's written approval before making any alterations or improvements to the exterior of your home or property. An application, along with required supporting documentation must be submitted. The SFV ARC page contains the required forms and information. The Application Form and Guide to Submitting Architectural & Landscape Change Applications can be downloaded directly here

Parking, Boats, Trailers, RV's etc.
Summarizing a few points within Victor Gardens Master Declaration of Covenants (Section 7):

  • Vehicles shall only be parked or kept within garages, paved driveways or designated parking areas. 
  • Garages shall not be used for storage or other purposes so that they become unavailable for parking vehicles and keeping incidental personal property. 
  • Boats, trailers, motorcycles, mobile homes, campers or other recreational vehicles or equipment, regardless of weight, and other vehicles in excess of 3/4 ton in weight shall not be parked, stored or allowed to remain on any part of the Property or on public streets within the Property for more than forty-eight (48) hours except within the confines of an enclosed garage or Accessory Building storage area. 
  • Parking and storage upon alleys or private streets is prohibited except those areas expressly designated by appropriate signage as permitting parking. 
  • Additional parking and storage restrictions may be imposed by the Master Association, or the SFV Association. 
Yard Waste & Compost:
Homeowners are encouraged to mulch grass clippings back into their lawn. Leaves can be hauled to Hugo's Compost Site. Finished garden compost is also available at this site.

Postal Station Mailbox Keys:
Residents with newly built homes should obtain mailbox keys from their builder at closing. Residents moving into existing homes should receive their keys from the previous owner. If that's not possible, contact the Hugo Post Office for a new lock and keys. 

Pool & Activity Center Electronic Key Fob:
Each household was given one access key fob. This keychain size device allows seasonal access to the Neighborhood Activity Center, pool, and rest rooms. Your fob may also be activated to access the meeting room in the Activity Center. (More on that later) Residents with newly built homes should contact our Community Manager to receive their key fob. Residents moving into existing homes should receive their key fob from the previous owner. If the previous owner did not give you their fob, or your fob is lost or stolen a replacement may be re-issued for a $40 fee. Contact the Community Manager for replacements.

Reserving the Neighborhood Activity Center:
The Victor Gardens Neighborhood Activity Center may be reserved for small parties, get-togethers, and meetings. There is no cost to book the upstairs meeting room. (A security deposit may be required though.) Check availability and make reservations with our Community Manager. On the date of your planned event, the appropriate door locks will be temporarily programmed to allow your key fob limited access to the building and the meeting room.

Satellite Dish Antennae:

One small satellite dish is allowed. It should be installed on the back of your home or another location to minimize its visibility and otherwise camouflage its appearance. Care should also be take to hide any cables associated with a satellite dish. Our Single Family Village Covenants and Master Association Covenants provides more detail on this topic.

Snow Removal:

The City of Hugo removes snow from city streets.  Contractors remove snow from our public sidewalks, association owned alleys and roadways, fire hydrants, and postal stations. You're responsible to ensure that your own driveway and any walkways connecting your front porch to the public sidewalk are cleared. Park and Common Area sidewalks will not be plowed. All snow removal questions and concerns should be directed to the Community Manager.

Dogs and other pets enjoy a good life here. There are plenty of places to run, explore and relax with your dog. For everyone's safety and peace of mind please follow our Pet Rules & Regulations. Please also be aware of the City of Hugo 's leash law.  We are lucky to have a great veterinarian within walking distance, Dr. Michelle Beck of P.A.W.S. Pet Hospital. You can also take your pup to a nearby 10-acre Off Leash Dog Park in White Bear Township’s Otter Lake Regional Park.

Website & Email Announcements:
Connecting our community is what is all about. Although it's not an official association website, it offers an easy way to stay informed of neighborhood happenings. New residents should also sign up to receive periodic email updates and event invitations. You can also connect with Victor Gardens News on Facebook.

Victor Gardens Single Family Village Homeowners (SFV) Association is an integral part of keeping this neighborhood what it is... a great place to live. The Association dues are the only funding that supports the maintenance and upkeep of our common elements. If we do not pay our dues on a timely basis, we put the burden of the Association expenses on our neighbors. In addition, there may be significant legal expenses for anyone not paying their dues in a timely fashion.

The payment of dues and the normal collection process is straightforward. The Association assessments are levied on a quarterly basis. The SFV Associations Collection Policy stipulates full payment upon the due date. Any assessments not received by the Association within thirty days of the due date are considered delinquent.

Effective April 1, 2012 SFV dues are $815.00 per year. To simplify things, you can opt to pay in advance if you prefer. Community Development, Inc. manages the collection of our dues.
Collections Policy:
1/1/11 Assesment Collections Policy (details)


  • 30 days past due: Late letter plus a $25 late fee. 
  • 60 days: Second late letter plus an additional $25 late fee. 
  • 90 days: Third late letter plus an additional $25 late fee. 
  • 120 days: Account forwarded to a collection agency or attorney. Notification that Association intends to seek of a lien on the property. 
  • 150 days: Association files a lien on the property.
After 30 days past due, priveledges are revoked. (Your pool key fob will be turned off.)
NOTE: It is the owner's obligation to ensure the Association has owner's current address.

Trash & Recycling Pickup: 
Early on Friday mornings, Gene's Disposal Services picks up trash, recyclable paper, cardboard, glass, metal and plastics. Your Association dues pay for this service. Each homeowner should receive one wheeled garbage bin and one wheeled recycling bin. These may be set out Thursday night, but containers should be returned inside your garage on Friday. New residents with newly built homes should contact the Community Manager to begin this service. If you don't have the bins you need, please contact the Community Manager. Please note that residents may be charged additionally for large amounts of waste, Christmas trees, etc. 

Victor Gardens Common Areas, Parks & Amenities:

Swimming Pool:
Our Victor Gardens pool is restricted to residents and their guests only. Admission is by an issued electronic key fob. Residents must accompany their guests. Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult 18 years of age or older. Between Memorial Day and Labor Day, the pool opens for lap swimming at 6:00 am, open swimming at 10:00 am and closes every night at 9:00 pm. No lifeguard is on duty. Complete Pool Rules are available here.

Neighborhood Activity Center:
Residents may reserve the upstairs room of the Activity Center for small parties, meetings, or other get-togethers. Contact the Community Manager for schedule and details.

Trails, Paths & Common Areas:
Bike Trails and paths, roads and sidewalks link the amenities of Victor Gardens to each other and to the natural amenities of our creeks, ponds and wetlands. A leisurely walk will lead you someplace; to a park bench at Poet's Green, a picnic at Provence Green, the Jardin Fountain, and the all-new Grantaire Green. To the little league practice field in Arbre Square, or the Neighborhood Activity Center and swimming pool. And, the best part is that everything is within a five-minute walk from where you live.

City Parks:
We're nestled in and around two city parks. Arbre Park and Val Jean Park offer plenty of groomed lawn space for soccer, baseball, football and other organized sports. They feature playground equipment, seating areas, park shelters and restrooms. Residents also take advantage of our basketball, volleyball and tennis courts. Victor Square is another nearby City Park near Victor Gardens’ main entrance. Outside of our neighborhood there are many other city parks, recreation programs & golf courses.

Social Events & Activities:
Victor Gardens’ Events Committee plans a number of family-friendly activities like our annual National Night Out, Easter Egg Hunts, and Movie Nights in Val Jean Park. This active group also plans a variety of adult social activities and other outings. Members coordinate community garage sales, food shelf donation drives and holiday parties. If you're interested, the Events Committee is always looking for volunteers.


About Victor Gardens:

Neighborhood History & Background:
Victor Gardens is a Master Planned Community founded in 2003, consisting of 220 acres. Conveniently located off I-35E on both sides of County Road 8 in Washington County. Victor Gardens sits at the western gateway to the City of Hugo. County Road 8 has long been known as Frenchman's Road, whose name carries the history of the early French Settler's of the mid 1800's. Honoring the French heritage of the City of Hugo, the public spaces at Victor Gardens are reminiscent of French-inspired architectural style and landscape. Dedicated to preserving and enhancing the natural amenities, the founders of Victor Gardens carefully created living environments within the Rice Creek Water Shed for homeowners and wildlife. Meandering trails, paths, roads and sidewalks link the created park amenities of Victor Gardens to each other and to the beautiful, natural amenities of the creek and wetlands. Along the tree-lined, pedestrian friendly streets, you'll find single-family homes, villa, row & gable townhomes and single-family villa homes. Victor Gardens retail shops offer conveniences and are only a sidewalk away from your home.

Our Homeowners Association (in a nutshell):
The Victor Gardens area is comprised of a number of individual residential neighborhoods. Each one is represented and served by individual sub-associations. Our Victor Gardens Single Family Homeowner's Association is one of eight sub-associations that contribute financially to the "Master" association known as the Victor Gardens Community Association. Three individual Directors currently represent our homeowners on the Master Board of Directors. The Master Association was established to maintain all of the common areas, entrance monuments, parks, and village greens, open spaces, Neighborhood Activity Center and swimming pool facility. The Master Association also supports neighborhood social activities. For more details visit the Associations Info page.

Board of Directors & Board Meetings:
An elected Board of Directors that meets quarterly, governing the Victor Gardens Single Family Village Homeowners Association. This Board also serves as the neighborhood's Architectural Review Committee, which is assisted by our Architectural Advisory Committee. We encourage your participation in the Association as we're always looking for volunteers and ideas to help us make our neighborhood a great place to live. Residents are always welcome to attend Board meetings. Board meetings are the most direct and effective approach for residents to bring problems or concerns to the attention of the Board. These are announced via and posted on our neighborhood's online calendar.


Helpful Links for New Residents:

Police-Fire-Medical 24 hours - Dial 911
Non-Emergency Sheriff Dispatch 651-439-9381

Independent School District 624 - White Bear Lake Area Schools

City of Hugo:
Official Website
City of Hugo FAQ

Washington County:
Official Website

Post Office:
USPS Hugo 55038

Public Transportation (Bus Service):

Metro Transit

Underground Utility Locator:
Gopher State One Call

Voter Registration & Info:
Voter Info

Driver Licenses, Plates & Tabs:
MN Driver and Vehicle Service
Forest Lake License Bureau

Utilities, Television, Internet, and Phone:
Connexus Energy
Xcel Energy

For more info, check out our Local Business & Resources Page