November 9, 2009

Your Opinion Requested

An agenda for the next Master Board meeting has not yet been set. As of today, the next quarterly Board meeting has not been scheduled either. I thought now might be a good time to ask if there were any items that residents would like to bring to the Board's attention. Of course, its usually better if residents bring up the questions themselves during the meeting's homeowner forum. Sometimes that isn't always practical though. Please feel free to add your constructive comments to this post. I'll ask that the comments be used to draft the upcoming Master Board meeting agenda. I'll start it off with a few questions I've been asked by residents since the last meeting. Thanks for your participation.
Please be aware that architectural and landscape issues in general will not be discussed much at the Master Board meetings. Those question are better addressed in writing to the Architectural Review Committee, who have decided to meet at separate monthly ARC meetings.

Master ARC Meeting Agenda Available

The Master Association's Architectural Review Committee (ARC) will be meeting tomorrow evening, November 10,6:00 PM at Victor Gardens Neighborhood Activity Center.
The meeting agenda is available (here).