July 16, 2010

Grantaire Green Design Approved - New Common Space for Residents

Victor Gardens Community Association's common area known as "Grantaire Green" is a few steps closer to completion. In recent months, Landscape Committee Chair Tony Schwab, Goetz Landscape, the Master Board/ARC, Phil and Dawn Primeau worked together developing a landscape plan. It includes bench seating, planting beds, shrubs, perennial plants, turf grass, trees, and irrigation system. Currently the area is undeveloped and bordered on all sides by Grantaire Lane in Victor Gardens Single Family Village.
Neighborhood Development Partners, LLC, and Ron Mehl in particular, have been a great help in this process too. They'll play a key role in the project's construction following the expected approval by Hugo City Hall.
It's hoped that by the end of summer installation will be completed on the project. The location's great for the Association as it's just steps away from the Clearwater Creek Trail and the newly built footbridge. Bench seating will provide a great view and a resting place for trail users.
UPDATE: 7/16/10 The City of Hugo approved the plan.

Large "Victor Gardens" Monument Signs Proposed

During the recent Annual Meeting Julie Bixby, along with a sign vendor, proposed large "Victor Gardens" monument signs for the Board's consideration. The plans included design, color, and cost options. The permanent signs were proposed to be integrated within the pergola's trellis located at Victor Hugo Blvd. & Frenchman Road. Options were also presented to add permanent signs to Victor Gardens secondary entrances - possibly to be installed in future years. The Board is considering these proposals.

New Pool Key Fob Access System Nearly Ready

The transition from the old key operated system to a new electronic system is nearly complete. New hardware equipment, security gear, and software are in place. A few details remain, but the new system should be ready soon.

July 15, 2010

Can You Help?

Victor Gardens Social Committee needs your help. Do you, or someone you know have access to a digital video projector? The Committee is planning to reschedule Movie Night again in the next few weeks. They're asking for another one or two residents who could offer to help with a projector. We have a sound system, laptop, and screen.... the projector is the only missing element. Don't worry about being tech savvy... we can help with that too.
If you haven't attended Victor Gardens Movie Nights in the past, this will be a great excuse to get out and meet your neighbors!
Please email Cheryl Vlker if you can help. Thanks!

July 14, 2010

VG Celebrates National Night Out--Aug 3rd

Please save the date (Tuesday, August 3rd) for the annual Victor Gardens National Night Out celebration in Arbre Park. We're hoping to have live music, activities for all ages, visits from our local police/fire departments, and great food!
Details are TBD and will be posted on this site and emailed to all residents in the coming weeks. In the meantime, mark your calendars and plan to start celebrating with us starting around 5:30P.
All Victor Gardens residents are welcome (and encouraged) to attend! This event will be for all ages and is sure to be a good time!