May 20, 2011

Pool Opens Next Friday

Get ready to swim!
Victor Gardens' Pool is scheduled to open Friday May 27 at 10:00am. Don't forget your electronic key fob.  It's now the only way residents can access the pool. 

Other than the obvious safety rules, sometimes overlooked rules should be highlighted:
1. No Glass! Please leave your bottles at home. If broken glass is discovered in the pool area, the entire pool may need to be drained, cleaned, and refilled.
2. Swim Diapers! This should be self explanatory. Pool contamination requires closing, draining, cleaning, and re-filling. It’s a process that’s expensive for the Association, and closes the pool for many days. It’s also completely avoidable. Please put swim diapers on kids that need them.
Also: Don’t feel like a summer “Grinch” when someone you don’t know tells you the old line, “I forgot my pool key at home. Please open the door for me?” In addition to overcrowding, allowing non-residents into Victor Gardens’ pool unfortunately presents a legal liability issue for all homeowners in the Victor Gardens Association

Note: Key fobs have been deactivated for owners who are 30 days or more late on dues payments.  Make sure you're caught up on your dues to enjoy the pool!

Questions about the pool can be directed to Kari Miller, Victor Gardens' Community Manager. (contacts page)

Late on Dues? Prepare for Pool Restrictions

Victor Gardens' management company, Community Development Inc. is moving forward with a Board-approved plan to restrict delinquent homeowners from Victor Gardens Pool & Neighborhood Activity Center.  

Kari Miller reports that "The pool opens next Friday and homeowners will not have access to the pool if they are over 30 days late."

This afternoon she was working on a Delinquent Report to ensure key fobs for this facility would be de-activated for all accounts past 30 days. 

Val Jean Park's Gazebo Gets New Floor

Over the last week or so, City of Hugo crews have removed the concrete pad under the gazebo structure at Val Jean Park.  As of this afternoon, it appears as though they've added drainage pipes and are preparing to pour a new concrete pad.

A new pad was poured and is ready once again for picnics.

Homes by James - Potential New Builder?

A small builder's sign, featuring "Homes by James" has been placed along one of the empty lots in the Single Family Village along Victor Hugo Boulevard near Val Jean Park. 

The Homes by James website says that they're a custom home builder based in Ham Lake. 

May 19, 2011

Fountainaire to Maintain Jardin and Poet's Green's Fountains

In the past homeowners have worked to keep the Jardin and Poet's Green fountains and nearby landscaping looking good and operating well throughout the summer. On behalf of all of us, I'd like to thank those of you who adopted these fountains and surrounding planting beds over the last few years.  You've spent your own money and time keeping them up for  everyone's enjoyment.

Our Community Manager, Kari Miller has contacted one of the Association's existing vendors, Fountainaire Inc. to take over fountain maintenance.  They are currently responsible for maintaining the two large fountains in the Victor Square pond. Fountainaire is going to expand their services to include maintaining the Jardin and Poet's Green fountains this season.  Fountainaire will also be working to replace broken parts in the Poets' Green fountain.

If you notice any problems with the fountains please contact Kari Miller:

May 17, 2011

June Movie Night in the Park...SAVE THE DATE

More details will be coming shortly but please save the date for Friday, June 10th for our annual School's Out Movie Night in the Park. Festivities (snacks, fun) will begin around 7:30 and movie will begin at dusk. Val Jean Park! Make sure to bring your lawnchairs or blankets. We will be showing a family friendly movie. An official invite will be posted and emailed shortly with all of the details. This has been an extremely well attended and fun event for our neighborhood. Hope to see you there!