September 25, 2008

Gables Association New Website

Charles Kirk was the webmaster for our Gables Association website. Due to his relocation to Utah, we no longer have access to update that website. The Gables Association Board of Directors feels there is still value in having a website for our association. We are in the process of establishing a new website. Please start using the new website for information regarding the Gables Association. We still have alot of work to do to get this completed and appreciate your patience during this period of transition. June Fulton President Board of Directors, Gables

Lawn Care - Sprinkler Winterization Services

Thanks to Tony Schwab for coordinating aeration services for many homeowners.  Tony has also been coordinating with another lawncare professional, Shawn from Classic Lawnscape. Shawn is offering to perform seasonal blowing out and shut-down of resident's individual sprinkler systems.  In the past, Shawn worked with Tony quite a lot in planting perennials earlier this season, and has also worked alot in Victor Gardens on our community sprinkler systems.
Shawn's price for blowing-out sprinklers will be $50.00 per home.  He plans on performing the work around Oct. 20 - 25th.  
If you want this service performed, just follow these steps:
  1.  Get on the list by Oct. 18 - Call or email Tony Schwab (email  (651) 429-2000 (home) or (651) 497-1447 (cell) or  to sign up. 
  2. Leave a check at your front door, made out to Classic Lawnscape on your day of service.

September 24, 2008

VG's Intranet Site deleted

The original Victor Gardens "Intranet" site and the Victor Gardens original marketing website were apparently both recently removed from the internet.
In recent years the Intranet site had not been updated much, except for the Activity Center's calendar. A few months ago, the Intranet site was essentially abandoned. At this point, it's unclear why the site was removed.