June 25, 2016

Movie Night Postponed Until Tomorrow (Sunday)

Due to weather concerns, Movie Night in Val Jean Park is postponed until tomorrow, Sunday June 26. Disney's Zootopia will be shown at 8:45pm.  See you then!

June 11, 2016

Unauthorized VG Pool Access June 10

Regardless of excuses (lost key fob, non-working key fob, left key fob at home, etc.), under no circumstance should any resident/owner allow anyone other than their own household members and up to four guests access to VG's pool or Neighborhood Activity Center. 

The Master Association's Board of Directors has the authority to revoke pool privileges of anyone who violates this policy.

On Friday evening, June 10, prior the pool's closing time Washington County Sheriff's Deputies responded to the Victor Gardens Activity Center & Pool. The response was the result of a surveillance report of an individual jumping the pool's security fence earlier in the evening.

Deputies discussed the situation with a few individuals and an Incident Complaint Report was filed. Victor Gardens Community Association ("the Master Association") and the Community Manager has been notified and will follow-up next week. Video surveillance from multiple cameras will be reviewed and cross referenced with the building's key fob electronic access log.

In and around the pool and surrounding area, video-surveillance footage is collected from multiple cameras. Each key fob swipe at the door is identifiable to a specific owner and time-stamped. This makes it easier to cross-reference the video surveillance and determine which owner's key fob was used to allow access.

Residents are reminded to not allow access to anyone who is not a household member or up to four guests. Fence jumping, sneaking in, or holding the door open is never allowed.  Violations should be reported to the Washington County Sheriff's Non-Emergency line, (651) 439-9381 and the Master Association's Management Company, Associa Minnesota. Customer Service, (763) 746-1188.

June 2, 2016

Empty Nester Happy Hour June 21

Tria Restaurant, 5959 Centerville Rd, North Oaks, MN 55127
Attention Empty Nesters of Victor Gardens!
We are planning a Happy Hour for Empty Nesters at Tria for Tuesday, June 21.
We will meet at 4:30 on the patio at Tria. We can socialize with old friends and meet some of our new neighbors. If you would kindly RSVP to Lynn Olson at olsonlynn12@gmail.com by Friday June 17. Hope to see you there.

June 1, 2016

Garage Sale Season

Garage Sales Season is starting.  Reply to the post on the Facebook to get your sale added here.

Thursday, June 2 - Friday, June 3
Heritage Ponds Neighborhood Sales
- Book sale on Fenway Ave (near Hugo water tower by Oneka Elem).  Books were donated by many local families.  All proceeds go to Hugo Food Shelf.  

Th, June 9 - Sat, June 11
Good Neighbor Days!  Lots of fun at City Hall.
Clearwater Creed Neighborhood Sales.
- Sale at 14260 Valjean Blvd
- Sale at 4618 Provence Way (6/10: 8am- 4pm, 6/11: 8am - noon)

May 26, 2016

Victor Gardens Pool Opens Friday

Victor Gardens Synchronized Swim Team, Opening Day, 1958

Have fun.

Play nice.

Leave your beer and other glass bottles at home.

Cameras and recording equipment is present.

Don't open the door for others. (If someone causes trouble and you were the one who let them in, you’ll lose your pool privileges.)

To report unauthorized pool access, dangerous situations or vandalism, contact the Washington County Sheriff.
  • Emergency: Dial 911
  • Non-Emergency: Dial (651) 439-9381
All Key fob and facility access questions should be directed to Victor Gardens Community Association's Management Company, Associa Minnesota. Customer Service: 763-746-1188. Colleen Brown, of Associa Minnesota is Victor Gardens Community Association's Community Manager.

  2. The swimming pool and water park are for the exclusive use of the members of Victor Gardens Community
    Association and their guests. The maximum number of guests per household is four.
  3. The Victor Gardens Community Association, its officers, directors and agents assume no responsibility for injuries.
  4. Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult 18 years of age or older.
  5. People who cannot swim must wear lifejackets while in the pool.
  6. Diving, running, wrestling, horseplay and throwing objects are absolutely prohibited.
  7. Showers are required before entering the pool.
  8. Persons who have infections or communicable diseases must not enter the pool.
  9. Infants and toddlers who are not toilet trained must wear swim diapers.
  10. Smoking is not allowed in or around the pool area along with the Activity Center.
  11. No Food or Glass bottles are allowed in the pool area.
  12. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed in the pool area.
  13. Drunkenness is not allowed and any intoxicated individuals will be asked to leave the pool area.
  14. In order to keep the pool area pleasant for everyone, radios, tape players, CD players and other audio devices must be played only with earphones. Loudspeakers are prohibited.
  15. Pets are not allowed in the pool area.
  16. Pool hours are 6:00 am to 10:00 am for lap swim and 10:00 am to 9:00 pm for open swim. (during pool season)
  17. All pool toys must be removed from the pool each night, toys left in the pool will damage the pool’s mechanical system. (No Inflatable floatation devices are allowed in the pool except water wings, life jackets or infant/small children flotation seats.)
  18. All access to the pool area must be through the Activity Center. The gate is to be used for emergency purposes only.
  19. Spitting, spouting water from the mouth, and blowing noses in the pool are prohibited.
  20. The Victor Gardens Community Association Board of Directors reserves the right to revoke anyone’s pool privileges for not following these pool rules.
  21. The Victor Gardens Community Association Board of Directors may amend these pool rules at any time, without notice. You can contact Associa Minnesota for the most current and up-to-date rules.
These rules were adopted by the Victor Gardens Community Association Board of Directors

Local Business Profile : Lawn & Yard Maintenance

Brandi Werra is a friend of mine.  She's also a mom of 3 boys, volunteer leader of Hugo's Cub Scout Pack 151 and owner of a Hugo-based lawn care company. If your yard could use some professional help this season, I'd highly recommend her.  She already takes care of some Victor Gardens properties and does great work.  I asked Brandi if she had any info I could share.  Here it is:

Summer Season Lawn Care, local company.  DIRT-E GIRL Lawn Care


Weekly care includes mowing, line trimming obstacles in yard and blowing off all hard surfaces.

Monthly, weekly and seasonal billing available.

5% discount for those who prepay for the season.

Other services offered, Mulch install, Garden bed clean ups, shrub trimming, Fall lawn and garden leaf clean ups.

Fully licensed and insured in MN

Call Brandi Werra at 651-238-5000
Email brandi@dirtegirl-lawn-property.com

May 25, 2016

Local Business Profile : Lake View Window Washing - $180 flat rate offer

Because of an accidental fall last year, Grant Dahl is no longer in the window washing business.

Victor Gardens resident, volunteer, and all-around-good-guy Tony Schwab has been speaking to a few other service providers who've done window washing in our neighborhood. Tony recommends a new window washer, and has negotiated a flat rate-price for and Victor Gardens homeowner.

Tony wrote, "I have found a great window washer after talking to a few of them with cost and performance in those conversations. His name is Jordan Hentges, he is bonded, single owner of Lake View Window Washing. Phone is (763) 439-5652 The total cost is $180.00 for any VG home no matter how many windows. He will clean inside and outside of each window, wipe each sill, dust the screens and if needed clean out the dryer vents at no extra cost. Thank You. - Tony"

Lake View Window Washing
Jordan Hentges
(763) 439-5652

May 19, 2016

Pool Access tied to Association Dues

Reminder: Victor Gardens' pool will open Memorial Day weekend. Ensure your association dues are current. Owners with delinquent accounts may find their pool access key fob restricted.

Two Board Meetings on July 13

On July 13, two seperate Board of Directors meetings are planned for the same evening.  This is intentional.  Starting at 6pm at Victor Gardens Neighborhood Community Center, the Victor Gardens Community Association ("Master") Board will meet.  Starting at 7pm, the Victor Gardens Single Family Village Homeowner's Association will pick up discussion of an issue that the Master Board will discuss at the end of it's meeting.  

Since Gene's Disposal started using longer trucks for recycling and trash pickup, they've been driving onto grass covered yards along the Garden Way carriageway, unable to make a tighter turn.  This results in yard damage.

VG's Master Board and VG's Single Family Village Board will discuss potential remedies. Residents are encouraged to attend and contribute to the discussion.

May 11, 2016

Thoughts on the vacant space near the pool & activity center

Discussion of the vacant site next to Victor Gardens' Neighborhood Activity Center and pool continues tonight.  Unfortunately, I'm unable to attend.  

I'm sharing an email (below) that I wrote to our Victor Gardens Community Association's Board and Long Term Planning Committee.  If you'd like to listen in on the conversation or provide your opinions, the meeting starts at 6pm tonight, Victor Gardens Activity Center, 14575 Victor Hugo Blvd.

Hello Board Members,

My busy evening schedule prevents me from attending tonight’s vacant property special meeting.  I’m sharing with you some emailed resident comments that our Community Manager, Colleen Brown shared with me.  They’re interesting, and provide a variety of valid opinions.  I know you’ll hear more tonight too.  I hope tonight’s meeting will produce a consensus that the Board can act on without delay.

Ever since Victor Gardens’ original sales office was removed many years ago from the site, this property has been the source of discussion and big ideas.  Over the years, some have been rejected as unworkable or too expensive. I’ve heard proposals for community vegetable gardens, ornamental gardens, playgrounds, enlarged pools, exercise buildings, residential buildings, kiddie pools and more.  

Based upon previous board discussions and emailed comments from residents, I support either of these two ideas:
  • Donating the property to the City of Hugo with the understanding that they’d create a mini-park. (Including playground equipment, bench, picnic table, etc.). Victor Gardens Community Association (our "Master HOA") and the City of Hugo cooperate with maintenance at Victor Square, Arbre Park and Val Jean Park.  Shared public/private maintenance of this mini-park would be in keeping with what we’re already doing successfully elsewhere.
  • Keeping the property as an VG Community Association Common Area and modify existing landscaping so that it fits better with the landscaping around the Neighborhood Activity Center and Victor Square.  To get this right, I’d suggest requesting professional design proposals from professional landscape designers. This design could include a picnic table, benches or similar.
As of now, here’s what I’m against:  
  • It’s not financially justifiable to invest a lot of money into a new community building, enlarged pool, or exercise facility.
  • A splash pad or kiddie pool, would become a magnet for non-residents, just as our pool did until we invested heavily in security services, electronic key fobs, cameras and recording devices. 
  • Enlarged parking areas.  There’s enough street and lot parking for the pool’s capacity.
  • Community gardens are a noble idea, but there isn’t water service to the property.  Volunteer maintenance hasn’t proved reliable in this neighborhood.
  • The property is too small to be developed into another townhouse building.  I’ve heard this from two different developers who specialize in this.
  • Leaving it as-is.  Although it’s no longer an eyesore, there are opportunities for better use.

Thank you,
Mark Vlker

April 30, 2016

Recent thefts & damage

UPDATE: A homeowner emailed me this morning.  "I had someone enter my garage through the service door yesterday morning at 1:30 am, the door chime for my alarm system woke me up and must have scared them off (it chimed three times, so it was opened, closed, then opened again).  I called 911 and they police came out, but couldn't find anything.  Nothing was taken, but it was rather unnerving.  I am almost certain the door was locked, but they got on anyway."

Over the last few days, a few residents in different parts of Victor Gardens have reported thefts of propane tanks, and damage to gas grills. 
As the weather warms up residents are urged to be careful. Lock your vehicles, don't leave garage door openers in vehicles parked outdoors, and close your garage doors when you're not around and at night.
Call 911 to report any suspicious activity.

April 29, 2016

Vacant property discussion

The Victor Gardens Community Association, or “Master Board”, along with the Long Term Planning Committee, will be holding a special meeting to discuss the vacant space near the Neighborhood Activity Center. As owners and residents of Victor Gardens, the Master Board is very interested in hearing what YOU would like done with the space. If you would like to voice your opinion about the amenities at Victor Gardens, the meeting is:

Wednesday, May 11 6pm
Victor Gardens Activity Center
14575 Victor Hugo Blvd
Hugo, MN 55038

This will be an informal, discussion-based meeting. If you cannot attend the meeting, please provide something to me in writing so I can pass it along to the appropriate parties.

Thank you for your time and attention. Have a lovely weekend!


Colleen Brown
Community Manager

Associa Minnesota
7100 Northland Circle N. Suite 300, Brooklyn Park, MN 55428
Main:  763-225-6400
Customer Service: 763-746-1188