March 24, 2021

Pool Will Open Memorial Day Weekend

Victor Gardens' pool will open this Memorial Day weekend for the summer 2021 season. The Board has been working with our community manager and vendors on a Minnesota Department of Public Health COVID-19 Preparedness Plan. Expect changes to occupancy limits, social distancing, cleaning protocols, pool rules and more. Details will be shared in the weeks ahead.

January 19, 2021

Fence guidelines updated

Victor Gardens Single Family Village Homeowners Association Board just approved a new set of guidelines for fence building within the neighborhood.  The Fence Guidelines are easier to understand with a clearer set of expectations for application.  There's a number of other home projects that need written approval from the Architectural Review Committee (ARC). Adding decks or making paint color or landscaping changes are a few.  There's a comprehensive list on the website if you're thinking of making any exterior changes to your home or landscape.

December 15, 2020

Keep Kids Out of Construction Sites

Parents, please ask your kids to stay away from new home construction sites. Kids may think that homesites are fun, with interesting equipment, dirt piles, dumpster treasures, loose materials, and new places to climb and explore. Unfortunately, these are extremely dangerous places to play. You may not realize it, but anyone who's lived next to one of these new homesites will attest, it's no place for children. If your kids play outside at all, we hope you'll ask them to please stay away from these sites and encourage their friends to do the same. Thanks!

November 2, 2020

Snow Removal Services

Birch is offering residential snow blowing for a select area of Hugo again this season.

Click on the link below for more information.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Dan Steuernagel | Vice President

P: 651.481.9180
3100 Spruce Street
St. Paul, MN 55117

October 15, 2020

Irrigation - Preliminary Schedule

Below is the preliminary schedule for irrigation winterization by Shawn Herman from Classic Landscape.  Contact Shawn with questions or to signup.  $50/ Lawn good for weekend of Oct 17 and 18.  Cash or check.
Call/ test: 612-366-6088

Sat, Oct. 17th

9:00 AM

Downey - Victor Hugo Blvd

Becher - Poets Green

Primeau -Poets Green

9:00 AM – 10:00AM Garden Way South to Jardin

Pinault - Garden Way

Sears - 14282 Garden Way

Schwab - Garden Way

Anderson - Garden Way

* Sears - 14176 Garden Way - Sunday

10:00 – 11:30 Jardin 

Johnson - Jardin

Wier - Jardin

Hermann -Jardin

Groneberg - Jardin Ave.

Wentz - Jardin

Brad -Jardin

11:30 – 1:30 Garden Way / Arbre

Bosch - Garden Way

Mittleburn -Garden Way

Stein - Arbre Lane

White - Arbre Lane

Mader - Arbre Lane

Gloege -Arbre Lane

Tauralt -Arbre Lane

Goodchild -Arbre Lane

1:30 – 2:00 Garden Way North from Arbre toVictor Hugo Blvd.

Carlson - Garden Way

2:00 – 3:00 Cossette Way

14356 Cosette Way

Coleman - Cosette Way

Berger - Cosette Way

3:00 – 3:30

Viker - Garden Way

Kluska - Cosette Lane

3:00 – 4:00

Ferderer - Grantaire Lane

Betts - Grantaire Lane

Auxier -Val Jean

Olson -Val Jean

4:00 – 5:00

Burr  -Cosette Lane 

Rogers  - Cosette Lane

Carlson - Cosette Lane

Bosch - Victor Hugo Blvd.

Ecklin - Victor Hugo Blvd.

Sunday Oct. 18th 

12:00 PM 

Stanek - Val Jean

12:30 PM  

Savard - Everton

Starr - Everton

1:00 PM 

Buetow - Provence Way

Halverson – Boyd - Provence Way


Houchins - Val Jean


Anderson - Cosette

September 22, 2020

Irrigation Winterization

Fall is in the air and it's again time to winterize your irrigation system.  Shawn Herman with Classic Lawnscape has been offering our neighborhood a group rate of $50/ lawn (cash or check payable to Shawn Herman).  The group rate will be valid the weekend of October 17 and 18THIS PRICE IS ONLY GOOD ON THIS WEEKEND. 
Other times can be scheduled if this does not work for you but regular season rates will apply.
This is the tentative route he would use for the weekend based on last year numbers to help give residents a rough estimate of where they would be on the schedule.

On Sat. the 17th the route starts at about 8 AM on Poets Green then to Garden Way West side of street heading south.  Around Jardin to Garden Way (usually mid morning), up Arbre, and around to catch the east side of Garden Way(usually early afternoon).  Then head east around to Cosette Way and take Victor Hugo down to Garden Way.  Go around the Park and back up the east side of Cosette Lane (mid to late afternoon) around to Victor Hugo.  From there I will head east down Val Jean to the Bridge.  Depending on response I will probably stop here due to darkness.
On the 18th the start time will depend on number of participants.  It probably would not be before 11 am.  I would begin again on Val Jean from the bridge heading east to Everton.  North on Everton, east side of street, to Provence.  Around Provence back down west side of Everton to Val Jean.  Then west down Val Jean to the Bridge.
As usual timing/scheduling will be totally dependent on the number participating and if there are any unforeseen problems encountered during the day. 

Please contact Shawn directly with questions or to signup.
Shawn Herman
Classic Lawnscape Inc.
Cell/text – 612-366-6088.

August 14, 2020

Political Signs

As campaign season heats up, residents are reminded of Victor Gardens Community Association's policies on political lawn signs, found in Victor Gardens' Master Covenants, Section 7.18

- no more than two signs allowed
- each sign size must be not more than 8 sq. feet per sign
- allowed within 8 weeks of election date (Sept. 8, 2020 - Nov. 3, 2020)
- must be unlighted

7.18 Signs. No sign or comparable device of any kind shall be placed, erected or maintained on the Property except (i) one customary unlighted "For Sale" or "For Rent" sign per Residential Unit or CIC Unit (except corner Units shall be permitted one such sign per side of the Unit that fronts on a street) of not more than eight square feet advertising the Unit for sale or rent, (ii) not more than two (2) unlighted "For Rent" signs per Apartment Village Unit of size and location approved by the A.R.C., (iii) within eight (8) weeks prior to an election date, two unlighted political signs of not more than eight square feet per sign, (iv) not more than twice per year, and limited to five days each time, not more than two signs per Residential Unit or CIC Unit, each of not more than eight square feet, advertising a yard sale, (v) signs placed by the Master Developer, a Village Declarant, a Village Developer or a builder to advertise the Property, Units or Dwellings during the construction and sales period, and (vi) the permanent entrance signs and monuments erected by the Master Developer, Apartment Village Owner, Village Developer, or Village Declarant to identify the Property.

July 7, 2020

Rice Creek Watershed District's JD3 Project Has Begun

The Rice Creek Watershed District has begun their work on the Judicial Ditch 3 this week to improve public drainage along the Clearwater Creek. The scope of this work is extensive and details can be acquired through the Rice Creek Watershed District, but most of the project involves the removal of trees and sediment along the creek.

Homeowners and residents can contact Ashlee Ricci at the Rice Creek Watershed District Office at or 763-355-7619 for any questions or concerns.

July 2, 2020

Pool Update - 7/2/20

The Board of Directors has made the difficult decision to keep the pool closed for the remainder of the season.

This was a difficult decision - we would rather have the pool open without any restrictions.

However, to comply with the State’s mandated requirements, the association would have to incur tens of thousands of dollars of additional expense, create an on-site pool staff, adhere to the strict schedule and sign-ups with closing the pool at regular intervals for deep cleaning, and remove the furniture on the pool deck. Along with the other requirements, this will not provide the pleasant experience we’re all used to.

Even though the pool hasn't hosted swimmers this year, its maintenance costs haven't been significantly reduced. To prevent expensive repairs the pool must be maintained throughout the season.

Keeping the pool closed saves the association and its owners from incurring additional expenses for what we believe would not have been a satisfying pool experience given the restrictions. If the State’s requirements are removed, we would want to reopen the pool. If the requirements change, we’ll examine our decision and reevaluate opening the pool.

The Board of Directors is also discussing how this season's pool expenses factor into our 2021 budget, long-range reserve budget, and next year's dues.

We know this decision is not what many want. And we understand that many also expect us to make safe fiduciary decisions. With the few weeks left in the season - after establishing the State’s requirements - there isn’t enough time to justify the additional cost.

The Board of Directors
Victor Gardens Community Association

June 22, 2020

Pool Update - 6/22/20

Victor Gardens Community Association’s Board of Directors has been working diligently on a pool reopening plan. In accordance with the State of Minnesota rules, the board is implementing a required plan that should allow for a July 8 opening, hopefully, sooner. The costs of compliance with the state guidelines will be substantial. The board has been taking the time to ensure that our expenses are minimized and well spent.

Our management company, Associa MN, will be hiring pool attendants, aged 18+, as part of this plan. More info on Associa employment will be available soon.

The details of Victor Gardens 2020 pool opening plan will be announced within the next week or so. Residents should expect significant changes to the pool rules, hours of operation, and environment.

- Public health safety is the driving factor of the pool opening plan.
- Victor Gardens residents only. No guests. ID required.
- All resident children must be accompanied by a resident adult aged 18+.
- The pool will be open in 2-hour time blocks Wednesday through Friday 12:00 PM to 8:00PM and Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 AM through 8:00 PM. Closed Mondays and Tuesdays.
- Each day’s schedule will be broken up into 2-hour time block cycles. After each 2-hour block the pool, pool deck, and building will close for 30-minute cleaning. Everyone must leave after their scheduled block is over. Another 2-hour block starts after a 30-minutes cleaning. This cycle continues throughout the day.
- Residents will reserve their 2-hour time blocks via website signup.
- To enable as many residents as possible to have access to our pool, residents may only sign up for one block each day.
- Resident “walk-ups” will be allowed, but online reservations will receive first priority.
- Associa’s pool attendants and Semper Fi Security will ensure that the new rules, scheduling, distancing, cleaning plan will be followed.
- Capacity will be limited to roughly 40 including the pool, pool deck, and building.
- Signed waiver required for each time block.
- Social distancing will be expected and enforced. Face coverings while not in the pool are strongly recommended.
- Pool toys strongly discouraged.
- Bring your own portable chair. All of Victor Gardens’ chairs, lounges, tables, and umbrellas will be removed to storage.

June 15, 2020

Pool Update - 6/15/20

Today, Victor Gardens' Master Board met with our Community Manager to discuss the new Minnesota Department of Health public pool opening requirements. We're in the process of evaluating and understanding the long list of state guidance. Compliance requires increased costs and protocols. We're still waiting for some vendor's cost estimates, which we expect to have soon. The Master Board plans to meet next Monday to review the information.

VG Home Vandalized

Over the past several months, someone has repeatedly defaced the interior of a new single-family home under construction in our neighborhood. It's happened at least four times. Inside the home, they've left dumpster debris and extensive damage. They've scrawled disturbing graffiti and symbols, sending terrible messages to owners building their dream home. This activity has no place in our neighborhood or any other. The Washington County Sherrif's office is investigating. 

No-one should enter any home under construction that does not belong there, including young people or adults. No-one should be digging through or playing around construction dumpsters. 

Victor Gardens is a welcoming neighborhood. We love, respect, and look out for each other. We encourage the success of the small business owners and contractors who build homes here. 

As good neighbors, we ask for your help to protect our neighborhood from this unacceptable behavior. Be vigilant. If you see something suspicious, please call 911 immediately.