July 11, 2018

Single Family Board Meeting

The next meeting of the Victor Gardens Single Family Village shall be August 23, 2018 at 7pm at the Victor Gardens Activity Center. Owners are welcome to attend.

June 28, 2018

Local Business Profile: Birch Tree Care

Japanese Beetle are BACK! They love Linden, Birch, Oak, Elm, and Maple Trees, as well as rose bushes. 
Call our office today and protect your plants! https://www.birchtreecare.com/contact/

Victor Garden residents receive 10% off!

Learn more about the Japanese Beetle here: https://www.birchtreecare.com/japanese-beetle-fact-sheet/

June 7, 2018

Movie Night in Val Jean Park Friday, June 22

Due to uncertain weather Movie Night in Val Jean Park, originally scheduled for this weekend, has been postponed to Friday, June 22. We'll plan on the movie starting around dusk (8:30pm). Bring a blanket, chair and bug spray. Bring a blanket, chair, snacks, drinks (and bug spray just in case).

June 6, 2018

Considering building a new home in Victor Gardens?

Dear builders and prospective homesite buyers,
If you’re interested in building a new single-family home in Victor Gardens, here’s important news. Victor Gardens Community Association’s Architectural Review Committee (ARC) recently updated and published it’s Application Package for New Home Construction.  ( Link: http://blog.victorgardensnews.org/p/arc.html ) The ARC’s improved review process streamlines and clarifies the process for builders.
Builders wishing to speed the review process should familiarize themselves with the document and submit proposals that are complete and detailed. Here’s a summary of 3 steps each builder must follow to submit new home proposals for the ARC’s review.  
  • Step 1 / Preliminary Concept Phase 
    • This first step is the least formal and it’s designed to provide initial feedback. Sketches and draft ideas are encouraged. Your Step 1 submission should show proposed massing, style selection, the home’s proposed location and other general concepts. It should take into consideration the design of neighboring homes and items listed in the Architectural Application form. You should allow for time to revise your Step 1 proposal after initial ARC feedback. The Community Manager will inform you if the ARC believes your submission is ready to move to Step 2. 
  • Step 2 / Preliminary Approval Phase
    • After the ARC provides feedback based upon your Step 1 submittal you can move towards the Step 2 / Preliminary Approval Phase. This allows you to submit schematic home and site plans with enough detail to be reviewed by the ARC and potentially receive ARC’s preliminary approval. 
  • Step 3 / Final Architectural, Color and Landscape Approval Phase 
    • After the ARC invites you to proceed to Step 3, you can move forward to complete and submit the construction drawings and Certificate of Survey to submit for Final Review. This phase assures that the approved Step 2 preliminary plans match the final construction documents. Your Color Application and Landscape Application must be submitted at the same time as the final Architectural Application. Incomplete applications will slow your proposed home’s review. Do not order or install any materials prior to written approval. Upon successful completion of Step 3 the ARC will provide a written approval, which the City of Hugo requires for permitting. 
Questions about this process should be directed to the ARC’s designated contact person, our Community Manager, Colleen Brown.
Colleen Brown
Community Manager
Associa Minnesota
7100 Northland Circle N. Suite 300, Brooklyn Park, MN 55428

May 23, 2018

Summer Reminders

Now that we’re getting into the summer season, here are a few reminders about the covenants and rules in Victor Gardens….

Any and all signs advertising contractors, roofing services, schools, etc. are not permitted. "For Sale" signs are allowed. Please remove non-permitted signs to avoid any violations and potential fees.

The pool will be opening Friday - please follow all rules and regulations when using the pool. Quick reminders of pool etiquette…
  • There is no lifeguard on duty; swim at your own risk!
  • No food or glass beverages are allowed at the pool.
  • Alcoholic beverages are not allowed at the pool.
  • Drunkenness is not allowed and intoxicated individuals will be asked to leave the pool (and/or the Washington County Sheriff will be called).
  • Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult 18 years of age or older.
  • A full list of activity center & pool rules can be found here - http://blog.victorgardensnews.org/p/pool-rules.html
Please also be aware...
  • Cameras and recording equipment are present. 
  • To report unauthorized pool access, dangerous situations or vandalism, contact the Washington County Sheriff.
    • Emergency: Dial 911
    • Non-Emergency: Dial (651) 439-9381
  • Your pool key fob has an identification code unique to you. Each swipe is logged and recorded.  
  • Don't open the door for others. (If someone causes issues and your key fob allowed them pool access, you’ll lose your pool privileges.)
  • If your key fob doesnt work: Contact Victor Gardens Community Association's Management Company, Associa Minnesota. Customer Service phone: 763-746-1188. Colleen Brown, of Associa Minnesota is Victor Gardens Community Association's Community Manager. Most instances of key fobs not working relate to dues payment issues or priveledge revocation by the Board.

Single Family Village Residents:

For all Single Family residents, an application for exterior improvements needs to be submitted and approved before any work begins. Examples of improvements that need approval include, but are not limited to: 
  • Fences, Decks/Patios, Retaining Walls, Landscape Changes, Exterior Painting, Satellite Dishes, Play Lots, etc.
The Governing Documents also stipulate rules for the Single Family Village. A few common rules that everyone should be aware of:
  • Garbage cans are required to be stored in a garage and should be put away before 10am the day after garbage collection.
  • Sports equipment (hockey nets, basketball hoops, trampolines, etc) should be stored in a garage overnight and not left out.
  • Boulevard trees - replacement, maintenance and upkeep - are the responsibility of the homeowner.

SFV Board Meeting Thursday, May 24

Here's a reminder about tomorrow's quarterly Single Family Village Homeowner's Association board meeting.  All residents/owners are welcome to attend.  Meeting starts at 7pm at VG's Neighborhood Activity Center.  Planned topics for discussion are:
  • Homeowner's Forum
  • Communication to owners (signs, reminders)
  • Boulevard trees
  • Vacant lot mowing & maintenance
  • Park requests (grill, basketball hoops, gazebo in Arbre)

April 13, 2018

Saturday's Scouting for Food & Feeding the Need event cancelled

Saturday's Scouting for Food & Feeding the Need event in Hugo has been canceled due to the winter storm warning. To ensure the safety of our many young Scout volunteers, we'll choose a new date in the months ahead. Until then, we encourage you to "do a good turn daily" by starting a collection effort in your own home, among your neighbors and friends. Your local food shelf gladly accepts non-perishable food, personal care items, laundry soap, shampoo, and diapers. Direct financial contributions go a long way too.

April 5, 2018

Basketball Hoops

Good news for basketball players!  Scott Anderson, City of Hugo's Public Works Director, informed me that straightening of Arbre Park's tipping-over (frost-heaved) basketball hoops is on the city's spring repairs list.  This project had been on a fall repairs list, but winter came earlier than expected.

Also, here's a freindly reminder that if your family uses a portable basketball hoop, hockey nets or other sports equipemt it must be put away and stored inside overnight.  For clarification, please see the related section on the victorgardensnews.org website: http://blog.victorgardensnews.org/p/sfv-arc.html#play

April 3, 2018

SFV Annual Meeting Tomorrow

Reminder:  We hope to see you at tomorrow's VG SFV Annual Meeting.  If you can't attend, please send in your proxy according to the instructions on the mailing.  Thanks!

VG Single Family Village Homeowners Association
Annual Meeting
Wednesday, April 4, 2018  6:30pm
Hugo City Hall

Equipment Left on Ponds

I've been asked to post a friendly reminder to families that use neighborhood ponds for recreation in the winter. In a few locations, some snow covered equipment, nets, etc. are at risk of sinking to the pond's bottom when the ice melts. It's possible that owners are not able to see some of the items due to their position of their home relative to the pond. If you (or your kids) have used ponds for recreation, please take a few minutes to ensure your stuff's off the ice before spring arrives.  Thanks!

March 19, 2018

VG Egg Hunt and Petting Zoo

Come join the fun!

The Victor Gardens egg hunt and petting zoo is Sunday, March 25th at 2pm.

Please join us at Arbre Park and bring quarters for animal feed!