April 30, 2016

Recent thefts & damage

UPDATE: A homeowner emailed me this morning.  "I had someone enter my garage through the service door yesterday morning at 1:30 am, the door chime for my alarm system woke me up and must have scared them off (it chimed three times, so it was opened, closed, then opened again).  I called 911 and they police came out, but couldn't find anything.  Nothing was taken, but it was rather unnerving.  I am almost certain the door was locked, but they got on anyway."

Over the last few days, a few residents in different parts of Victor Gardens have reported thefts of propane tanks, and damage to gas grills. 
As the weather warms up residents are urged to be careful. Lock your vehicles, don't leave garage door openers in vehicles parked outdoors, and close your garage doors when you're not around and at night.
Call 911 to report any suspicious activity.

April 7, 2016

Open gym. FlyAways gymnastics.

There are still spots available at the Victor Gardens gymnastics event on April 10th at FlyAways in Forest Lake at 4:15-5:30pm. Free for the first 30 kids to RSVP text to Kasey 763.300.5683

March 29, 2016

Victor Gardens News Website Administrator

After many years of volunteer service, Mark Vlker is ready to retire from administering the Victor Gardens News website. After reviewing the alternative options/costs (including having the community management company manage) the Master HOA board has approved the creation of a paid website administrator ($100 per month of service). Here are the details of the position:

Technology we use:
  • Google sites
  • Google calendar
  • Facebook
  • Campaign Monitor (bulk email distribution to subscribers - MailChimp would also work)
  • Write weekly blog posts based on info provided by board or committee members and Community Managers. (Example: board meeting announcements, pool updates, maintenance projects, new construction info, lawn care offers, window washing services, etc.)
  • Share content from other online sources. (Examples: local parks events, city/county news, etc.)
  • Maintain/ update Google calendar.
  • Update website periodically with refreshed content (Examples: Community Manager contact info updates, board membership changes, new policies, etc.)
Please send an email to mark@victorgardensnews.org with a brief response as to your interest and qualifications.

Empty lot next to VG's Neighborhood Activity Center

We will be setting a date for a special meeting of the Master Board during our annual master association meeting on April 13.

During the Great Recession a property the Board believed belonged to a bank reverted to ownership by the Master Association. This is land immediately adjacent to Victor Gardens Neighborhood Activity Center building. Some of you will recall a survey conducted by the Long Range Planning Committee that was conducted in 2015. During this survey many ideas emerged for using the land….a tot splash pad, more parking, a playground for the western end of our community. Do you have ideas? Come to the annual meeting at 6:00 on April 13 and help us select a meeting date for detailed discussion of this issue. We will also briefly talk about this at the April 13 meeting as time allows in our busy annual meeting agenda.


March 28, 2016

Thanks Kasey!

Thanks to Kasey Birch and all the volunteers who helped with our annual Egg Hunt & Petting Zoo.

New faces are needed to plan events in the neighborhood. Kasey needs a co-chair as well as other committee members to help with budgeting, planning, advertising and coordinating volunteers for events. New ideas are always welcome! For more information contact Kasey at (763) 300-5683

March 9, 2016

Egg Hunt and other upcoming events

Annual Victor Gardens Egg Hunt and Petting Zoo

Egg hunt and petting zoo will be held on Sat, March 19th at 4:00pm Arbre Park.  Please arrive a bit early so your kids don't miss out.  Bring a bag to collect goodies from the eggs.  Petting zoo will immediately follow.

Help needed for Egg Hunt

- Tuesday, March 15th at 6:30pm - egg filling at the activity center (pool house).  Children are welcome.
- Saturday, March 19th at 3:00pm - set-up.  Please meet at the pool house to collect supplies before traveling to Arbre Park.
- RSVP to Kasey at 763-300-5683 to help.

Mark your calendar for additional events

- April 10th - Flips Gymnastics open gym.
- May 29th - Movie night at Valjean Park
- June 24th - Root beer floats at activity center
- July 18th - Magic in the park family event
- Aug 2nd - National Night Out
- Aug 24th - Root beer floats at activity center
- Sep 23rd - Movie night at Valjean Park

More information to follow.  If you are interested in volunteering for any of the above events or are willing to plan another event please contact Kasey at 763-300-5683

Help needed on events committee

New faces are needed to plan events in the neighborhood.  Kasey needs a co-chair as well as other committee members to help with budgeting, planning, advertising and coordinating volunteers for events.  New ideas are always welcome!  For more information contact Kasey at 763-300-5683

February 3, 2016

Snow removal update 2-3-16

Below is an excerpt sent to board members whose sub associations have contracted Birch for their snow removal services. Keep in mind that not every sub association contracts with Birch. For a complete list of providers please check Victor Gardens News' Snow Removal page.


Sent: Wednesday, February 03, 2016 8:44 AM
Subject: FW: 2.3.2016 Snow Event Update

Good Morning,

The plowing crews have been working throughout the night getting ‘open-ups’ completed. We anticipated transitioning into ‘full-plow’ overnight but due to the continued snowfall and sustained wind speed at 20 mph with gusts over 25mph our efforts have been futile. After every property is ‘opened’ and functioning we will cease snow plowing and will return this evening to touch up the properties and finish the ‘full-plow’; as winds and snowfall are forecasted to subside this evening.

As for snow shoveling, crews were dispatched in the early morning hours, but have had the same challanges of continued snowfall with high winds causing the once cleared sidewalk and/or walkway to be quickly drifted back in with snow. We have choosen to transition our snow shovling crews to focus on garage door fronts this morning. The crews will return this evening to clear walkways and sidewalks.

Thank you for your patience as work through this winter storm.


Kris Birch

February 2, 2016

Snow removal update 2-2-16

Below is an excerpt sent to board members whose sub associations have contracted Birch for their snow removal services.  Keep in mind that not every sub association contracts with Birch.  For a complete list of providers please check Victor Gardens News' Snow Removal page.


Sent: Tuesday, February 02, 2016 3:08 PM
Subject:2/2/2016 Snow Event Update

Good Afternoon,

The much anticipated snow event is upon us. The afternoon rush hour timing, 1-2” per hour snowfall rates, combined with strong winds will make this snow event challenging. The good part is the forecasts have been discussing this event for almost a week, so we are ready.

Crews are being dispatched for ‘open-up’ plowing this afternoon ranging from 3 pm to 5pm, earlier times in the south, later times in the north; based on forecast snow accumulation of 4” around 6pm.

Heaviest snow fall rates from 4pm-8pm, tapering around midnight, with little accumulation snow in the early morning hours.

Full snow plowing and shoveling will commence once accumulation snow tapers.


Kris Birch

January 13, 2016

Tonight's Master Board Meeting is cancelled

Due to absences, the Master Board's meeting tonight is cancelled.  Please keep an eye on our calendar for rescheduling info.

January 7, 2016

Master Board Meeting Wednesday, Jan. 13

The quarterly meeting of Victor Gardens Community Association's Board of Directors will be held on Wednesday, Jan. 13.  All master association residents and owners are welcome to attend.  A portion of this and every meeting will be available to residents to speak to board members and our new Community Manager, Colleen Brown about any concerns or questions.

VG Master Association Board Meeting
January 13, 6:00pm
Victor Gardens Neighborhood Activity Center

Welcome Colleen Brown, our new Community Manager

Colleen Brown has been on Victor Gardens' Community Development/Associa team for quite a while.  She knows our neighborhood well as she's worked very closely with Jennifer Campbell, our former Community Manager.  Ms. Campbell is moving into a more supervisory role within the company, and we're very fortunate to welcome Ms. Brown as Victor Gardens' new Community Manager.

As you probably know, Community Development Inc. is now Associa Minnesota.  Associa's new centralized customer service system has reduced response times for routine homeowner and association-related questions.  Please reach out to Ms. Brown and the Associa team if you have any questions.

Colleen Brown
Community Manager
Associa Minnesota
7100 Northland Circle N. Suite 300, Brooklyn Park, MN 55428

December 10, 2015

Note from Gene's Disposal

Dear Residents,
If you have too much cardboard to fit in your recycle can, it should be cut to a size that would fit in your recycle can and bundled.

Reminder: Garbage cans should not be overfilled. The lid of the can should be able to close, when cans are overfilled the excess trash falls out of the can when the truck lifts it.

Thank You,
Gene’s Disposal Service