May 6, 2020

Poet's Green Planter Vandalized

The Victor Gardens Community Association Board of Directors are seeking your assistance. Last week, Wednesday April 29 the Board along with management completed a Spring Walk. The Poets Green Park was visited at around 10:30am. Sometime between then and 6:00pm the fountain/planter was vandalized and it appears that the top portion was broken.

We are asking the owners around the Poets Green Park if they have any information or surveillance of the park within those times that could assist the Board in identifying the individuals responsible for the vandalism.

Any information can be provided directly to me. We thank you for the assistance in this matter.


Phillip McDougle, CMCA AMS
Community Manager
Notary Public

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May 3, 2020

Digging holes in a path

Over the last few months, different neighbors have asked me about holes dug into the path near "Weaver's Pond", where Garden Way and Val Jean Blvd. will eventually connect.  It's likely that kids building some sweet jumps have been digging there.  It's become a little dangerous lately though.  Unfortunately, I've heard about a few people falling into the hole while walking or riding their bikes. Today, a neighbor stopped by to tell me that he started to fill it back in.  

Lots of people use that path to travel between Arbre Park and Val Jean Park. If your kids are interested in digging holes, please ask them not to dig into that path.  There are lots of other good places to build sweet jumps.