April 5, 2018

Basketball Hoops

Good news for basketball players!  Scott Anderson, City of Hugo's Public Works Director, informed me that straightening of Arbre Park's tipping-over (frost-heaved) basketball hoops is on the city's spring repairs list.  This project had been on a fall repairs list, but winter came earlier than expected.

Also, here's a freindly reminder that if your family uses a portable basketball hoop, hockey nets or other sports equipemt it must be put away and stored inside overnight.  For clarification, please see the related section on the victorgardensnews.org website: http://blog.victorgardensnews.org/p/sfv-arc.html#play

April 3, 2018

SFV Annual Meeting Tomorrow

Reminder:  We hope to see you at tomorrow's VG SFV Annual Meeting.  If you can't attend, please send in your proxy according to the instructions on the mailing.  Thanks!

VG Single Family Village Homeowners Association
Annual Meeting
Wednesday, April 4, 2018  6:30pm
Hugo City Hall

Equipment Left on Ponds

I've been asked to post a friendly reminder to families that use neighborhood ponds for recreation in the winter. In a few locations, some snow covered equipment, nets, etc. are at risk of sinking to the pond's bottom when the ice melts. It's possible that owners are not able to see some of the items due to their position of their home relative to the pond. If you (or your kids) have used ponds for recreation, please take a few minutes to ensure your stuff's off the ice before spring arrives.  Thanks!