November 20, 2010

Goetz Landscape Contracted for Victor Gardens Snow Removal

Goetz Landscape, a local company with lots of experience in our neighborhood, has been contracted by the Master Board this year to remove snow on Victor Gardens public sidewalks.  They've already placed orange markers to better guide the equipment operators, and are using different (more appropriate) equipment than last year.  During and after last week's snowfall, Goetz was out early, and returned later to keep Victor Gardens sidewalks clear of snow and ice.

In Condo sub-associations, other contractors may supplement Goetz's work.  Single Family Village residents are responsible to clear snow from from their front door to the public sidewalk in addition to their own driveways.   Goetz is also available for individual snow removal contracts. (link here)

Questions about snow removal on public sidewalks can be directed to Kari Miller, our Community Manager. phone 763-225-6424