September 30, 2009

Master Board Meeting Agenda Released

The agenda for upcoming Monday evening, October, 5 2009 Master Board Meeting is available for viewing and downloading. The meeting will begin at 6:00pm at the Victor Gardens Neighborhood Activity Center. Please follow this link:
The meeting is open to all. Residents are encouraged to ask questions of the Board during the Resident Forum.

Website Updated - Association Pages, Contact Info changes.

The Association Details section of the website have been updated to include new contact information, and other information.

Master Board/ARC Approves Landscape Plan without Group Discusssion

The Master Board, sitting as the Master Architectural Review Committee has just voted by majority to approve a new landscaping plan submitted for one of the newest Single Family Homes. Two Single Family Village representatives on the Master Board/Master ARC shared their viewpoints and questions with the rest of the ARC committee via an emailed checklist, but did not vote to approve. It was hoped that the group could come together in some form and discuss the details of the application prior to voting.
Four other representatives on the Master Board/Master ARC did not discuss the application with all the other members of the committee either by email, phone or by meeting. No group discussion among the Board Members/ARC Members took place.
Len Pratt voted to approve as submitted.
Todd Stutz voted to approve as submitted. (He asserts that he has two votes)
LaVonne Fitzgerald voted to approve as submitted.
Jason Lanpher abstained.
Julie Bixby voted against approval.
Mark Vlker did not vote.