May 28, 2008

Victor Gardens Social Events Committee Sign-Up

We are looking for volunteers to help plan a few events for our neighborhood this year.    As many of you may have heard, Pratt Homes and Rottlund (David Bernard) Homes have generously donated a total of $500 for our neighborhood events this year.  This is great news as the events budget was cut completely from this year's Master Association budget due to the financial issues our neighborhood was having.  We are very appreciative of this donation and would like to put it to good use and plan a few events for all neighbors who wish to attend.  
If you are interested in being on this committee, please meet at Arbre Park on Wednesday, June 11th at 7P.  We are hoping that we can get representation from each sub-association on our committee so we can plan activities that interest the entire neighborhood.  At this meeting we'll discuss which events we'd like to plan for the year as well as elect a Chairperson of the Social Committee.  If you aren't able to make this meeting but are interested in being on the committee, please email me at and let me know.  
If it's raining or weather is crummy, we'll meet inside at the Activity Center.
Feel free to bring wine, an appetizer, a dessert or just yourself!  
Thanks--I look forward to June 11th!
Julie Bixby

SFV Simplified Change/Repair Application

Single Family Village homeowners wishing to make repairs to their homes' exteriors must follow the ARC review process described in the Covenants. For storm-related damage, your Board has streamlined this process into a one-page questionnaire. The Simplified Change/Repair Application form will be hand delivered to each of the homes in the next few days.  Downloadable copies of the Simplified form are also available by clicking this link.  

Forms must be completed and returned to Josh Berger before work begins.   Simplified Change/Repair Applications will receive top priority for review.  In most cases, homeowners not making any stylistic, color, or qualitative changes to their exteriors will find the process easy and fast.  If homeowners wish to make changes outside the scope of the Simplified Application, then the standard Architectural Change Application form will be needed.  Those applications will also be reviewed as quickly as possible.   Email Josh Berger for more information.

SFV Board Letter to Residents (Repairs & ARC)

Dear Single Family Village Homeowners,

We are all saddened by the loss of life and injuries caused by Sunday’s tornado.  Damage to our Hugo neighbor’s homes of was catastrophic.  Efforts are already underway for our residents to help in various ways.  Donation and volunteer information can be found on the City of Hugo’s official website:

Most of our homes were also damaged during Sunday’s storm, including broken windows, screens, and siding.  Less visible is the hail and wind damage to many of our roofs in the neighborhood.

The unfortunate reality of an influx of contractors has already begun.  A few reputable contractors have been consulting with residents, assessing the damage.  To avoid the predatory contractors, your Single Family Village Board recommends that residents ask neighbors for recommendations of reputable contractors. A list including of few neighbor-recommended contractors has already been posted and on our resident website.  You are encouraged to contribute to the list by adding your signed comments to the post.  Click here for contractor recommendations link.

Please remember, to retain the character and value of Victor Gardens the Architectural Review process must be followed regarding any exterior changes to Single Family Village homes.  There are covenants, rules, and guidelines to abide by.  Specifically, there are standards in roofing materials and installation methods that must be considered by assessors and estimating contractors.  Understanding the delicate nature of the situation, your Board is working to streamline this ARC approval process.  More information will be announced later today.

Last night the Single Family Village Board formed a SFV ARC Committee and confirmed Josh Berger, as the subcommittee’s Chairperson.  Josh has experience with the ARC process as a homeowner, and as our Association’s elected liaison to the Master ARC.  The SFV Board is still accepting applications for ARC member volunteers.  Please contact one of your Board Members if you’d like to serve in this way.

Thank you,

Victor Gardens Single Family Village Board of Directors

Michael Warner, President,  John Roehrich, Vice President,  Dan Sjoquist, Treasurer,  Mark Vlker, Secretary

May 27, 2008

How you can help

Disaster relief information from the City of Hugo is changing rapidly as more donations come in and volunteers have signed up.  The most recently updated official information is always available on the City of Hugo's website.   Specific donations requested by the City, volunteer requests, status updates and more are available at the City's website.

Recommend an Exterior Contractor

A number of Single Family Village residents have asked to share their recommendations for exterior contractors to repair storm damage.  A recommendation of a neighbor who has had a positive experience is a great start in working with a reputable contractor.  For this reason, we welcome any of your comments regarding any work that you have had performed on your house in the past.  This should include the name of the contractor and and their contact information.  In this instance, it is important that the person recommending the contractor not remain anonymous.  Please sign your name to your posted comments.  In this specific instance, any anonymous or ambiguously authored posts will be deleted.
Please remember this is an opportunity to recommend a company you've been happy with in the past, and a way for you to help your neighbors weed through the multitude of offers they're likely receiving.
Please also understand that most of these repairs will need to be cleared by the Single Family Village Architectural Review Committee.  Your Board is working on ways to simplify this into a very easy process for residents.  More info to follow.
An article on this subject recently appeared in the Pioneer Press: Just ask the folks at Hugo City Hall: Unscrupulous contractors are out there.  View Full Story

Neighbors Helping Neighbors (Donation Party)

Families of Victor Gardens, 
All of you are aware of the devastation which occurred to the homes of our neighbors to the north. Many of the families are temporally  living at the Country Inn Hotel in White Bear Lake. I cannot imagine how terribly disrupting this would be.  I keep thinking of how hard living in a hotel must be on the children. 
I am going to have a donation party  this Thursday evening @ 7 pm. If anyone is interested in donating, homemade baked goods, popcorn, movies, books, disposable cameras, games, phone cards or anything you can think of that would make a stay more comfortable and entertaining for the families living at the Country Inn. Please come on over and help us make care packages. I will have the garage set up with tables or if you just want to drop a donation off that's fine too.
We're also looking for baskets, buckets, fun boxes to transport the donations in.
Thank you, 
Hope to see you Thursday evening, come to the garage.
Erin Yoshida  
14256 Cosette Lane North  

Storm Damage Info for Townhomes Residents

This message to townhomes residents: 
Please be aware of the fact that we have initiated an insurance claim, as a result of the storm from Sunday, May 25, 2008, to the association's master insurance company, American Family Insurance. As of today, we are waiting for an insurance claims adjuster to be assigned and schedule an on-site inspection to identify all of the exterior damage. The damage covered under the association's Master Insurance Policy could include the following items on your building: Siding, gutters, fascia, roofs, decks and railing, windows & glass, garage doors, doors, air conditioners, etc. If you have sustained any damage to your personal property as a result of the storm, you will need to contact your HO6 insurance company. During times of storm damage, a number of contractors will be coming through to do repairs, etc., DO NOT HIRE anyone on your own that comes to your door saying they can do the repairs. Be aware that if you allow this to happen, you will be paying for any work done by this contractor. We will be required to terminate any work and have them removed from the association grounds. This work must be done by the association's contractor under the terms of your legal documents for the association. As you know, we did hire our preferred contractor to come in on Sunday evening and Monday to try and board up windows, etc. to minimize any further damage as a result of exposure to rain, etc. Until the insurance claims adjustor is able to do an inspection and prepare his report, we cannot begin any of the work or replacement. We do ask that homeowners be patient as we work through the insurance claim process. As more information is available, we will place this on the association's website. If you have any questions that we were not able to address, please contact the management company.

SFV Board Special Workshop Meeting

Tonight at 8pm the SFV Board will hold a one-issue special workshop meeting to address the Architectural Review process in the Single Family Village.  The Board will finalize its streamlining of the ARC application process as a result of Sunday's storm.  Residents interested in serving on the SFV ARC committee are urged to attend this special meeting.  Location: Neighborhood Activity Center.  Secondary location Blue Heron Grill. 8pm