May 22, 2020

Keep Out of the Pool

Victor Gardens pool's winter cover has been removed to perform maintenance and repairs.  Although our pool appears inviting, the water is unheated and contains strong chemicals.  Nobody should be swimming in it. 

There have already been reports of groups of middle school and high school age kids attempting to climb the pool's fence.  Please talk to your children about the importance of keeping out of the pool and staying safe.

The pool remains closed until further notice.  For the safety of all and protection of association property, Semper Fi Security has been hired again this summer to monitor the area.  Last winter, video recording technology was updated. 

Any unauthorized person entering the pool area will be considered as trespassers and will be referred to the Washington County Sheriff. Homeowners in violation of the pool rules risk losing pool privileges when the Board makes the decision to re-open.

May 21, 2020

Leave No Trace

Parents, please have a chat with your teenage kids. We should all leave our parks cleaner than we find them. Leave no trace! 

Last weekend I received a note from one of our neighbors living near Arbre Park. "Thought I’d send you a note regarding the basketball court. We’ve noticed large groups of teens leaving plastic bottles and other trash behind. You can see the bottles and McDonald’s bag complete with leftover French fries in the picture below. We’re not sure if it’s people from the neighborhood or not, but would it be possible to post something to Victor Garden News asking people to make sure they keep our parks clean?"