March 7, 2008

Your Opinion Needed: Association Turnover

It is anticipated that two of Victor Gardens’ associations will be turned over to homeowners at the upcoming Annual Meeting.  As of now, the meeting is not confirmed, but will likely take place in mid-April.

Victor Gardens Community Association (the master association):

VG’s Developer, CPDC, has proposed the turnover of the master homeowners association to residents.  Residents, including those serving on the Board Advisory Group, are reviewing this proposal.  There are questions that residents will have prior to the turnover.  Please use the “Add A Comment” feature below to contribute to this process. Transition is a permanent change.  It is important that everyone understands the potential benefits or problems in advance.  From the information available at this time a VGCA Master Board would be comprised of one representative from each of the sub-associations.  Please refer to the Docs (Documents) page for an organizational chart illustrating the sub-associations.

Victor Gardens Single Family Village  (sub-association to the Victor Gardens Community Association)

The Beard Group’s recent purchase of 26 lots in Victor Gardens East has fulfilled the pre-set requirement for resident turnover.   The Single Family Village marks VG’s third sub-association, after the Gables Association and Villas Association, to be transitioned from a Developer/Builder.

Future Board of Directors:

Both Associations will require homeowners to staff the future Boards.  As a part of the turnover process, new Board Members will be nominated and elected.  Residents have seen the great benefit of homeowner involvement over the last year.  It will be very important for homeowners to stay involved, ensuring the success of our neighborhood.

Please use the “Comment” feature to contribute your thoughts and questions about the proposed transition.  It’s best to carefully consider this issue before questions arise later.