August 25, 2017

Lawn advertising signs not allowed

The Victor Gardens Single Family Homeowners Association Board reminds owners that signs advertising contractors, roofing services, schools, etc. are not permitted. "For Sale" and signs are allowed. Please remove non-permitted signs to avoid violation letters and fines associated with Master Covenants Section 7.18.

7.18 Signs. No sign or comparable device of any kind shall be placed, erected or maintained on the Property except (i) one customary unlighted "For Sale" or "For Rent" sign per Residential Unit or CIC Unit (except corner Units shall be permitted one such sign per side of the Unit that fronts on a street) of not more than eight square feet advertising the Unit for sale or rent, (ii) not more than two (2) unlighted "For Rent" signs per Apartment Village Unit of size and location approved by the A.R.C., (iii) within eight (8) weeks prior to an election date, two unlighted political signs of not more than eight square feet per sign, (iv) not more than twice per year, and limited to five days each time, not more than two signs per Residential Unit or CIC Unit, each of not more than eight square feet, advertising a yard sale, (v) signs placed by the Master Developer, a Village Declarant, a Village Developer or a builder to advertise the Property, Units or Dwellings during the construction and sales period, and (vi) the permanent entrance signs and monuments erected by the Master Developer, Apartment Village Owner, Village Developer, or Village Declarant to identify the Property.

August 21, 2017

SFV Board meeting tonight at 7pm.

Tonight’s Victor Gardens Single Family Village Homeowner’s Association (SFV) Board meeting starts at 7:00pm at VG’s Neighborhood Activity Center.  A portion of the beginning of the meeting will be set aside for a Homeowner Forum. Owners wishing to volunteer as board members, ARC committee members, etc. are requested to attend.  Topics covered will include:
  • Discussing costs, benefits, downsides with upgrading the SFV’s management contract with Associa MN to “full service”.  SFV contract is currently “finance only”.
  • Recent board actions taken regarding Master & SFV covenants and rules compliance issues.
  • Additional actions the board is considering taking regarding rules and covenants compliance.
  • Filling board member vacancy