March 23, 2013

Thanks Volunteers!

Thanks to Kelly and Lisa and all the volunteers for coordinating, stuffing eggs, and pulling off a great Easter Egg hunt and petting zoo today!

Tawski El CAbi Party - Monday, March 25 at 5:00PM

Don't forget to stop by the Tawshi El CAbi Party on Monday, March 25th at 5:00 PM. Join us for an event featuring CAbi clothes, wine tasting, chocolates and hair touch ups!!!! Stop in and see this exclusive clothing boutique to help you jump into spring with a brand new look!!

March 21, 2013

Egg Hunt & Petting Zoo - Sat, March 23rd at 4:00pm

Our annual Easter Egg Hunt will be held this Saturday, March 23rd at promptly 4:00 pm in Arbre Park.  Don't be late!  The eggs go fast (although the snow may help hide them a bit this year!).  Please bring a bag or basket for your eggs and prizes. 

New this year- a petting zoo following the egg hunt!!!  Walton's Hollow will have a petting zoo setup in the park from 4:15- 5:15.  Plan to stick around and visit some cute baby animals.  Parents we need your help to keep the animals from being overwhelmed!!! We need to limit the number of kids with the animals to about 15 children at a time.  Everyone will have a turn!  Please plan to have your children play on the playground or in the snow while they wait.  Bring your quarters if you are interested in purchasing feed for the animals.

Finally... in order to make the petting zoo happen we need the help of a friendly neighbor with a snowblower or strong back and shovel to clear an area for the animals.  PLEASE consider helping.  Contact Lisa at 651-646-2658 or to volunteer.  We cannot host the petting zoo without an area to put them.

See you Saturday!

March 19, 2013