September 1, 2013

Everton Bridge New Landscaping Project Completed:

The Everton Avenue Bridge, which connects parts of VG's Single Family Village and VG's Creek Side Villas, has newly completed landscaping on all four corners.  Turf grass has also been extended and irrigation lines run to all areas.

Neighborhood Structures Repainted

Most of Victor Gardens gazebos, arbors, structures and postal stations were repainted over the last few weeks.

Beaver Damage Update

Jennifer Campbell reports that the only recent activity found so far this season is otters.  VG's hired trapper is concerned he might catch an otter in the beaver trap so he is going to hold off on any trapping until the season starts in mid-late September since there has been no new beaver activity found.

To report any new beaver damage please contact Jennifer Campbell.

Pool Closes After Labor Day

The Victor Gardens Pool will close for the season after Labor Day. Look for the pool's reopening next Memorial Day weekend 2014.