March 24, 2007

Ryland Homes Revises Plans to its V.G. homes

Each of Ryland Homes’ recently revised home plans are designed to fit on designated lots within the Ryland Homes section of Victor Gardens. 

Click here to view revised elevations and “Best Fit Site Plan”.

CPDC, Ryland Homes, City Officials & Residents Meet to Address Neighborhood Concerns

Representatives of concerned Victor Gardens Single Family Village residents met twice recently with representatives of Contractor Property Developers Company and Ryland Homes. The meetings were hosted by the City of Hugo at City Hall.  

The group initially met primarily to discuss neighborhood concerns regarding Architectural Review Committee Design Guidelines, and how they were applied to new home building in Victor Gardens.   A follow-up meeting was held few weeks later.

During the second meeting new solutions were presented by CPDC and Ryland Homes.  An important proposal was made to include a representative from the neighborhood on future Architectural Review Committee meetings. Design Guidelines were further clarified.  Descriptions of revised plans for proposed Ryland Homes were presented, and other related topics were discussed.  

The neighborhood representatives returned to the larger group of concerned Victor Gardens Single Family Village residents in a meeting on March 24.  They described the positive steps proposed by CPDC and Ryland Homes and City officials. The group’s overall reaction was positive, but a consensus was reached to ask for clarification on a few key issues.

Neighborhood representatives will schedule follow-up discussions to address those questions.