May 1, 2008

NDP Off to a Good Start

Neighborhood Development Partners LLC, the company marketing 26 lots in Victor Gardens East, began mowing its undeveloped properties today.  Maintenance crews worked through a year's worth of tall growth on lots previously owned and neglected by CPDC/POA-Scherer.  This follows their installation of new lot identification signs a few weeks ago.  Residents appreciate NDP's effort to keep our neighborhood looking good.

Clean-Up Day Cancelled

The Annual Victor Gardens Clean-Up Day has been cancelled for this year.  It will not be rescheduled.  The City of Hugo has already done some clean-up and maintenance work, and there's not enough left to hold a special neighborhood event.  
There is still some garbage and debris left over from the winter, so residents are encouraged to pitch in as individuals. Tony Schwab and others will continue to work to keep our neighborhood looking great.  Take a look around where you live, and clean-up what you can.  Thanks!

Master Board Meeting set for May 12.

The next Victor Gardens Community Association's Board of Directors meeting is scheduled for Monday, May 12.  This is the first meeting of the master association since homeowners were elected to the master Board.  The meeting will be held at Victor Gardens Neighborhood Activity Center at 6:00PM.
The master board will elect its officers and begin to address the neighborhood's problems.  As in the past, a portion of the Board Meeting will be devoted to a homeowner forum.  This would be a good time for residents to voice their opinions and volunteer to help our Board in the challenges ahead.  
An formal agenda is not yet available, but homeowners have already been contributing their opinions to a post on our neighborhood's website (click here).