July 13, 2007

Poet’s Green Fountain Working Again - More Equipment Found

Geoff Primeau, a member of the Grounds Committee, has located something in Poet’s Green that no one, including our landscape contractors, was apparently aware of.   They found a water supply valve connected to the small fountain in Poet’s Green.  The fountain’s working again, and neighbors are happy not to be carrying buckets of water any longer.

Doug Klamerus and I also found a line of sprinklers which should have been watering the grass on the South side of the tennis court in Val Jean Park.  The grass in that location had been in bad condition for a very long time. These sprinkler heads were buried and grown over, possibly since the beginning.  We’ll inform the City of this newly-found line.  It hopefully it can be connected to the irrigation system and timers.

Tennis Court - Good News & Bad News

Grounds Committee members have been working hard to keep up with the wind we’ve been having lately.  They’ve been reattaching the windscreen on the tennis court fence.  

Unfortunately, I have some bad news... Committee members have reported a problem that is beyond their ability to fix.  The posts that suspend the tennis court net (not the fence) have begun to move. They may have buckled under pressure applied by the net tensioning winch. It’s possible that unsuspecting tennis players over-tightened the net's tension, possibly in combination with heat-softened asphalt, causing the damage.  

John Roerich is a tennis player and a neighbor who's been helping out a lot on the windscreen. He told me today that sometimes players think that the net should be very tight and perfectly level.  Actually, it shouldn't.  Apparently, tennis regulations say that the net should be higher at the anchoring posts and slightly lower in the middle. A regulation height is also specified for these distances, similar to a regulation height of a basketball net.  

Since the tennis court is in a City-owned park, we’ve notified Chris Petree, Hugo’s Director of Public Works about the problem.  

July 11, 2007

New Maps & Site Plans Added

Dave Hempel of CPDC has forwarded new maps (site plans) of Victor Gardens.  They show much more detail than we’ve seen before including the new and proposed retail and residential construction projects.  Trail and sidewalk plans, irrigation layouts have also been added.  Please visit our Maps page for links.

July 10, 2007

Financial Information Available Online

To be better informed about Victor Garden’s current financial situation, some financial documents are now available on this website.  To view documents for Victor Gardens Community Association and Victor Gardens Single Family Village please visit the Financials page.