June 27, 2008

Save your S'mores!

Tonight's scheduled Movie night has been postponed until tomorrow night.  Hopefully we'll have better weather to watch Alvin and the Chipmunks on Saturday night. The ground will still be pretty wet, so In addition to the blanket you'd normally bring, it might be a good idea to bring a plastic sheet or tarp to put it on.  
Keep your fingers crossed for better weather!  See you and your smore's tomorrow night!

Pool Closings

On Saturday, June 21st, Victor Gardens Community Association’s contracted pool vendor closed the pool due to various unsanitary conditions in the swimming pool.  When this happens, the State and County require the pool to be closed and super chlorinated to ensure the safety of all users.  The vendor put up “Pool Closed” signs so they could complete the super chlorination process.  The pool must not be used at by anyone at any time during this process, as it disrupts the super chlorination process, in turn, keeping the pool closed for a longer amount of time. 

Due to the fact that owners disregarded pool closure notices and continued using the pool, it prohibited the vendor from completing the super chlorination.  In order to ensure the safety of all, the pool was completely drained, pressure washed and refilled.  The pool may remain closed for another few days.

Below, please find information regarding the process of super chlorination and when it is required to be done.  This information is from the State of MN Department of Health and Environment website.

Public Swimming Pools must be super chlorinated when:

• The free chlorine residual is zero

• The combined chlorine residual is more than 0.5 ppm

• The pool is polluted with vomit, feces, or other similar biological material

 Super chlorination is the process of adding enough free chlorine residual to reach at least ten (10) times the combined chlorine level. This free chlorine level must be maintained for one complete turnover (6 hours for a swimming pool; 2 hours for a wading pool; 30 minutes for a spa). The pool must remain closed until the free chlorine residual is below 5.0 ppm. Higher disinfection levels are required for fecal accidents.

 Critical Items. A public swimming pool must be closed immediately for any of the following items:

• Gate not self-latching and/or self-closing from any position;

• Main drain not clearly visible and/or secure;

• Free disinfectant residual below the specified level;

• Total disinfectant residual above 10 ppm;

• A dangerous condition exists within the water (ex. broken glass, vomit, feces, etc.);

• Any lifesaving equipment that is missing, inoperable, not accessible, or in poor repair (see next item)

 Closure of a public swimming pool is the responsibility of the pool operator.

 Water clarity: Bottom drain must be clearly visible at all times.

 Also attached are the Pool Rules for Victor Gardens Community Association.



·     The Victor Gardens Community Association, its officers, directors and agents assume no responsibility for injuries.

·     No Lifeguard on Duty.  Swim at your own Risk. 

·     Absolutely NO DIVING

·    Pool Hours: 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM

·    All pool toys must be removed from the pool each night.  Toys left in the pool will damage the pools mechanical system.

·    Do not open the pool gate for anyone you do not know and/or for any child that is not accompanied by an adult.

·      The swimming pool is for the exclusive use of members of the Homeowners Association and their guests.  The maximum number of guests per household is four.

·      Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult 18 years of age or older.

·      Life Jackets are required for anyone who cannot swim

·      Infants must wear swim diapers in the pool area at all times.

·      No glass containers are allowed in the pool area.

·      No running, wrestling or horseplay in the pool area.

·      No pets are allowed within the pool area.

·      The pool area is for the enjoyment of all members and their guests please refrain from activities that may infringe on the right of others to enjoy the pool.

·      Please take your trash home with you when you leave the pool grounds.

·      The Board of Directors of the Homeowners Association may amend these rules at any time, without notice.

·      The pool is owned and operated by the Homeowners Association.

·      Each home will be given ­­­­1 pool key.

Any questions regarding the pool should be directed to the Community Manager, Gina Lampe, at (763) 225-6438 or by email at  glampe@developcommunity.com.  


June 25, 2008

Thanks to volunteers

Thank you to all of the volunteers who have donated their time, talent, and money towards the beautification of Victor Gardens' parks and common areas.  Residents have been working together planting, weeding, and watering flower beds, and cleaning and repairing the Jardin fountain.