April 4, 2012

Events Survey

Please take 5 minutes to complete a survey about neighborhood events.  One lucky person will win a $25 Blue Heron Gift Card (winner to be selected June 1).  The survey can be found at: http://www.surveybuilder.com/s/KSbC9msGgAA.  Thank you for your time!

Landscaping - Another Phase in the Master Association's Planning

Over the last few years, the Master Board has been implementing a phased approach to the Master Association's landscape.  A number of "primary" high-traffic areas, such as VG's main entrances were addressed back then.  Major irrigation and fountain repairs were also undertaken at that time.  In subsequent years, the focus shifted to "secondary" projects and areas such as the Pool & Activity Center landscaping, pond maintenance, Provence Green, Grantaire Green, and Flora Greens (to name a few). Recently, the Master Board approved another year's projects in keeping with the "next" phase of maintenance, repairs and improvements:

Goetz Landscape has worked with the Board to develop a cohesive plan for many areas. The plants and mulch choices fit well within existing areas within the Master Association.  In the next few weeks and months, residents can expect to see work in a number of areas throughout Victor Gardens including:
  • Neighborhood wide, Common Areas and Parks:
    • Tree, shrub, and perennial plant replacement (as needed).
    • Plant new annuals
    • Lawn maintenance program including
      • fertilizer & weed control 
      • tine rake and bag clippings in spring
      • core aerate parks in the fall
      • edge concrete sidewalks – 2 times annually 
  • Clock Tower: 
    • Renovate shrub and perennial plantings around retaining walls
    • Add new planters for annuals
    • Add irrigation to new planters
    • Plant new annuals
  • North Entrance at Frenchman Rd. and Victor Hugo Blvd.: Plant new annuals
  • Main  Entrance at Frenchman Rd. and Victor Hugo Blvd.: Plant new annuals
  • Entrance at Frenchman Rd. and Everton and areas nearby:
    • Plant new annuals
    • Install two Firefall Maple trees on blvd
    • Add plants in between trees along entrance island
    • Cut down volunteer Willows and Cottonwood trees up to orange silt fence
  • Entrance at Cedar St. and Jardin Ave.:
    • Plant new annuals
    • Thin out  trees and cut back Willows.
    • Redo irrigation in center island switching all over to drip - save water
  • Victor Square Park:
    • Plant new annuals on NW and SW corners.
    • Add new plants around pond to fill in empty pockets
    • New mulch around pond, four corners of the park and blvd. trees
    • New perennial and annual plantings in the two raised planters.
    • Lawn maintenance program
  •  Arbre Park:
    • Mulch tree rings on blvd. trees around perimeter of park.
    • Lawn maintenance program
  • Grantaire Green:
    • Top dress landscape beds with new mulch & thin elm trees
  • Jardin Fountain:
    • Renovate current landscape beds.
  • Val Jean Park:
    • New mulch tree rings on blvd. trees around perimeter of park.
    • Mulch tree rings on ornamental trees within in side of park.
    • Plant materials, soil ammendments and mulch around picnic structure/ gazebo.
    • Lawn maintenance program
  • Activity Center & Victor Hugo Blvd Streetscapes: 
    • Cut down volunteer Willows and Cottonwood trees
    • Reconnect lawn irrigation along blvd. between A.C. and the Villas
    • Lawn maintenance program

Friends of Val Jean Park - A Spruce-Up Event

VG's Master Board recently approved a landscape plan designed by Goetz Landscape to renovate the plantings around the picnic shelter/gazebo in Val Jean Park.
Existing landscaping
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This is a pilot project and a partnership between the Association, the City of Hugo, and neighborhood volunteers. These volunteers will remove the old plants, ammend the soil, arrange and plant the new plants, mulch and water the new plants. Goetz will supply the plants, soil amemdments and mulch. If you're interested in volunteering for this Saturday event, please email Mark. The exact date isn't determined yet, but we'll likely do this one Saturday in May. Bring some gloves, rakes, shovels and some elbow grease! Event details will be posted later.
Approved landscape plan for Val Jean Park's picnic structure
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