October 27, 2017

Snow Removal 2017-2018

If today's weather has you wondering who's handling your association's snow removal services this winter, please visit the Snow Removal page on Victor Gardens News.

Single Family Village Association Residents:
Clearing individual homeowner's driveways and sidewalks to the front door are the responsibility of individual homeowners. 
The City of Hugo plows city streets.  Association-owned alleys/carraigeways and public sidewalk snow removal services are provided by Birch.

Condo Association Residents:

If you have questions or concerns about snow removal, please contact your individual sub-association's Community Manager. They're listed on the Snow Removal page. The Community Manager is in the best position to understand what your sub association's snow removal contract provides, whether or not your contractor has communicated their action plans, etc.. They should be fully informed on what your snow removal contractors are doing. If there's a problem in your area, they can address it directly with the contractor. Keep in mind that the City of Hugo plows city streets, which can affect association plowing (and vice versa).

Please keep in mind that there are always challenges with large scale snow removal. As often happens, regardless of whether a contractor takes care of your snow for you or you shovel yourself- inevitably the City plow undoes your work and leaves a hard pile of snow at the end of the driveway and sidewalk.

With as much snow as we often see, it's never going to be perfect at any given time of day. A balance to find the right time to plow must be found. Plow sidewalks too early and the City plow will undo the work. Wait for the City plow, and anger folks who can't get out of their driveways in the morning.