February 2, 2010

Snow Removal Update

After noticing damage caused by sidewalk snowplowing, a few residents contacted Community Manager, Casey Groff. One of the residents included me in his correspondence and wrote, "[Contractors] are continuing to use a plow that is significantly wider than our sidewalks (by 1-2 feet it appears), and the result is significant grass damage and shrub damage (see attached photos) and potentially sprinkler head damage. I took pictures of my property as well as my two neighbors to the west. Also, I believe [another resident] spoke with you last week regarding damage to a larger tree limb on his boulevard..."
Casey confirmed the damage afterwards during a site inspection. She included me in her email response, "Thank you for your email and photos. I was out on site yesterday and met with Dan with Goetz to look at and discuss the damage throughout the property and the plan for replacement of sod in early spring. I am confident that Dan and the Principal of Goetz (who later arrived on site) understand their responsibility for repairing damage caused by them, per the Contract between Goetz and the Association. Community Development will hold the last payment until all of the damaged turf is replaced. Payment will not be released until an inspection by me (and the Board if it wants to be present) is performed."
She reported yesterday, February 1st, that Goetz "... did agree that the sidewalks are being plowed too wide. They are purchasing smaller width brackets with narrower tires and rims for the bobcats."