August 10, 2007

Homeowners Form “Board Advisory Group”

A small group of homeowners met on Monday to find solutions to our Victor Gardens Community Associations budget problems.  This “Board Advisory Group” was formed from homeowners who attended the July 18 Neighbor’s Meeting.


The largest problem the Association has boils down to a lack of funds. The Victor Gardens Community Association (The Master Association) is on track to spend more than it receives.  A large portion of the Association’s income is made up of "Developer's Contributions".  These payments have not been received by the Community Association so far.  The Board Advisory Group met to begin to find ways to re-start those payments, and look at other ways to address our budget problems.


To view the Associations recent financial documents, click on the “Financials” link.


To view more about why the group was formed, please read the Thursday, July 19 post “Neighbor’s Meeting Held at City Hall”.