September 8, 2007

Chili Cook-Off Sunday, September 23

All Victor Gardens Residents Welcome to the
Annual Victor Gardens Chili Cook-Off
Sunday, September 23, at 4:00p.m.

Put on your best western wear, wrangle the family and come down to Val Jean Park (sorry for those that live by Arbre Park...we need Val Jean Park's outdoor outlets and the pavilion for this event)!!!!

Annual VG Chili Contest 

Sunday, September 23rd 4p.m.

Please enter your family's favorite chili into the contest, help judge or bring a couple toppings or treat.

Please RSVP to

Please RSVP to this event no later than Thursday, September 19th so we can plan accordingly.  Even if you don't enter chili or judge, feel free to bring your family by to sample the entries.  We're in need of the toppings listed below since we don't have funding for this event so if you plan to come, please email back which topping you could provide.  Or, feel free to bring a dessert if you'd like. 

Here are the toppings we're in need of:

  1. 8 cups  Shredded Monterey jack

  2. 8 cups  Shredded cheddar

  3. 2 cans Sliced black olives

  4. 1 can sliced jalapeƱo peppers

  5. 3 -16 oz tubs of sour cream

  6. one large Red onion diced

  7. 6 avocados chopped into chunks

  8. 1 c. cilantro leaves chopped

  9. 5- limes sliced

  10. 3 large bags Tortilla Chips

  11. Corn Bread muffins

Also, please bring a blanket or lawn chairs and something to drink.  Feel free to bring footballs or fun things for the kids as well. 

We've had a great turnout the past 2 years with this event so we hope to continue the tradition!

PS:  For you die hard football's a noon Vikings game so it should be over by the time this event starts.