September 25, 2007

Sump Pumps & Drainage Problems - Meeting Held

This morning, Hugo’s Mayor Fran Miron, Hugo’s Community Development Director Bryan Bear, and other City public works, engineering, and inspection officials met with Dave Hempel of CPDC, and a group of Victor Gardens homeowners.  Traci Tapani provided maps of the affected properties and passed along comments received from the surveys she collected.  

At the conclusion of the “walk-through” meeting Mayor Miron told the group that the City would work with other watershed officials and investigate the issues further.  He suggested that a few weeks from today, a neighborhood meeting would likely be held to discuss their findings.

Homeowners who have not yet completed their surveys are urged to do so soon.   Results from those surveys will be used to further illustrate the scope of the problem to those who can help.   Please contact us if you need a copy of the survey emailed to you.  Thanks again to Traci for her work on this issue.