October 31, 2007

Budget Priorities: What’s Important To You?

I’ve asked that the Board of Directors revise our Community Association’s budget given the reality of our shortfall.  It’s important for our community to spend within our means.  

The problem is that there isn’t enough funding to pay for our current level of amenities.  In addition to homeowner dues, our budget is built with the idea that financial contributions would be made by the developer (CPDC).   Although this hasn’t happened this year yet, Homer Tompkins of CPDC has been working on ways to fund the shortfall of “Developer Contributions”.  Unfortunately, our Association continues to spend money as if little has changed. 

I believe it’s time for the Board of Directors to have a candid discussion of what’s financially prudent, given our Association’s current financial state.

As a member of the community, what’s important to you?  If you look at our past expenses (link to the “Financials” page), you’ll see that much is spent on mowing, pool maintenance, utilities, plowing, etc.