February 20, 2008

Maintenance Update: Snow Removal

Over the last few weeks I received questions about lack of snow removal services in some parts of the neighborhood.  I passed those questions along to Gina Lampe, and she was able to follow up. She’s also forwarded the relevant details of the contract which you can see listed below. A map of the service area can be found on the Maps page.

To simplify the process of checking AC Land’s work, I’ve volunteered to help verify that the work is being completed as contracted.  If residents see something isn’t done according to the contract (below), please email me, and I’ll follow up.  

- Mark  mark@victorgardensnews.org

“I have attached the map that we sent to AC Land in regards to the areas to be serviced.  The board chose to not have the sidewalks around the parks cleared to save on cost.  I've attached the portion of the agreement/contract that states the service areas:”



Snow shall be removed from the following locations:


All sidewalks

Community Center

Bus stops


Mailboxes (to the satisfaction of the Post Master)

Fire hydrants (within 24 hours)

City sidewalk (within 24 hours)


(the foregoing areas are referred to herein collectively as the “Service Area”).


Snow will not be removed from the following locations:


Driveways and driveway aprons

Homeowners’ steps

Any locations on the side or rear of a home (exception being fire closets)

Side yard sidewalks

Side yard garage door entrances