June 11, 2008

Master Board Meeting notes - June 2, 2008

The Master Board addressed a number of topics at its June 2 Board Meeting:
- Grounds Committee report & landscape contract, 
- Forming ARC, and report of SFV ARC issues
- Management Contract
- Unfinished Projects List
- VGCA Pet Policy

- Use of  Master Association-owned "Outlots"

In the future, Master Board Meeting Agendas will be released to residents (likely through Dan Sjoquist, Board President) a few days before the meetings. 
The Master Board may re-examine the Master Association's Pet Policy and "Outlots" among other unfinished business at its next meeting.  As always, residents are welcome to attend Board Meetings, and speak up during the Resident Forum.  
I have requested copies of minutes from the Annual Meeting, and updated financials from our Community Manager, Gina Lampe.  When those are provided, I will post them to the Documents and Financials pages on our resident website.