July 8, 2008

Master Board Meeting tomorrow, Wednesday, July 9 - 6:00PM

Victor Gardens Community Association (The Master Association) Board of Directors meeting is set for tomorrow night, Wednesday, July 9, 2008 6:00pm at the City of Hugo's Rice Creek Centre – 6900 137th St. , Hugo, MN.  Homeowners are welcome to attend and may address the Board during the Homeowner Forum portion of the meeting.  The Agenda appears below:

Meeting Agenda

1)     Call to Order

2)    Approve Agenda

3)    Review and Approve Minutes from Last Meeting (June 2, 2008)

4)    Homeowner Forum

5)     Management Financial Reports

a)     Balance Sheet

b)    Income Statement

c)     Accounts Payable

d)    Water Bill Reimbursement from Sub-Associations (Status)

6)    Communication and Committee Reports

a)     Presidents Report (Dan Sjoquist)

b)    ARC Report (Status Update)

c)     Website Committee (Mark Vlker)

i)      Master Board Approval

d)    Landscape Committee Report (Mike Bailey)

e)     Social Committee Report (Julie Bixby)

i)      Activity Center Reservations Procedure (Discussion)

7)     Management Report

a)     Homeowner List (Emailed Prior to Meeting)

b)    Work Order Report

c)     Poets Green Broken Fountain

d)    Mail Box Key Procedure

e)     Activity Center

i)      Cleaning Service

ii)    Initial Cleaning/Upholstery and Carpet/Paint

f)      Entrance Area

i)      Irrigation Issue

ii)    Proposal

iii)   Fountain

g)     Mulch Plan

h)    Tree Plan

i)      Management Agreement

8)    New Business

9)    Review of Action Items

10)  Set Date for Next Meeting

11)   Adjournment