August 8, 2008

Message About Recent Vandalism

A message to all residents from Victor Gardens Community Association (Master) Board of Directors:
Dear Victor Gardens Homeowner,
The Board of Directors would like to make you aware of recent vandalism to the community pool and bathhouse the night of July 31st. 
This is the 2nd time this season the pool has been vandalized.  As many of you are aware, earlier in the season, the pool had to be drained and closed due to vandalism.
Management believes the persons responsible are most likely children or adolescents, as it has been reported that kids have been hopping over the fence.
The Board of Directors recognizes that this is a problem and is asking all Homeowners to be on high alert.  If you notice any suspicious activity before, during, or after pool hours, please contact the Washington County Sherriff’s Department immediately.
The Washington County Sheriff’s Department is aware of this problem.  Since the incident on July 31st, they have been patrolling the neighborhood during late afternoon/evening shift as well as the early a.m. shift. 
Please direct any questions and or concerns to Casey Groff with Community Development, Inc. at 763-225-6498 or
Thank you,
Master Board of Directors
Victor Gardens Community Association