October 7, 2008

Xcel Plans Another Elevated Electrical Line through Victor Gardens

At the last Hugo City Council Meeting (Oct. 6, 2008) Hugo city staff discussed with Hugo's City Council a new Xcel Energy plan to build an additional electrical feeder distribution line through parts of Hugo.  Xcel plans a (35,000 volt) line to run through parts of Victor Gardens' commercial and town homes areas on 45' tall poles along side the existing elevated power line.  Xcel's existing line can be seen near Kindergardens Day Care Center, Sertino's, Victor Square, our Neighborhood Activity Center, and portions of the Gables Association.
Xcel currently has a utility right-of-way easement along the existing line and wants to construct an additional above-ground electrical line that would run parallel to the existing line.  The City Council was informed by city staff of Xcel's desire to install an above-ground line rather than a more costly buried line.  
The Council discussed Xcel's plan, and voted to direct City staff to immediately begin working on alternative options, such as burying the cables, and other options. This discussion was part of the City Council's Oct. 6 Agenda (New Business Item J-3.  Minutes for the meeting have not been posted to Hugo's website yet, but the discussion is currently able to be viewed on cable subscribers channel 16 (Govt. TV).  
The issue is scheduled to be taken up again at the next City Council meeting.  
UPDATE 10/7/08: 
This afternoon I emailed our Hugo City Council Member, Becky Petryk; City Administrator, Mike Ericson; and Community Development Director , Bryan Bear.  I offered to publish and email any updates to Victor Gardens residents about information updates regarding the progress of this issue.
Council Member Petryk responded quickly to my email and wrote back in part, "This electric line is a very important issue and we will do our best to minimize the impact to our residents. Mike will keep me updated on any meetings and or progress in working out an acceptable solution."    I expect that we will find out more information within the next few days.
- Mark V