February 20, 2009

Ryland Homes Request Approved by Master Board

In a split vote at its Board meeting this week, the Victor Garden Community Association (Master) Board, sitting as the Master Architectural Review Committee, approved an amended request by Ryland Homes to allow 14 garage-forward designated lots in Victor Gardens' Single Family Village.  This increases the allowed number up from the ARC's previously allowed 10, but less than the unlimited number Ryland asked for a few months ago.  
Michael Noonan (of Rottlund Homes) voted yes LaVonne Fitzgerald (of the Villas Assn.) voted yes Carmen Carter (of the Gables Assn.) voted yes Len Pratt (of Pratt Homes) abstained Michael Warner (of the Single Family Village) voted no Mark Vlker (of the Single Family Village)  voted no