March 3, 2009

Signs - City of Hugo and Pratt Homes address the sign problems

The City of Hugo is addressing the problem of numerous signs along Frenchman Road and throughout Hugo with a new Sign Ordinance.  Concerns over the aesthetics and driver safety were raised, and numerous Hugo residents have complained to City Hall.  These signs range from large neon-lettered "temporary" signs, to multiple directional signs to various neighborhoods and model homes.  The City of Hugo adopted a new sign ordinance last night that will affect the future display of these and other signs.
Rachel Simone, The City of Hugo's Associate Planner, offered an update this morning: "Attached is the sign ordinance that was approved by the City Council at their last nights meeting. Please be aware that additional contextual changes will be made per the City Attorney. I can send you the revisions when they are made. Please contact me with any questions thanks.

Rachel Simone


Click on the two links below for the text of the new Ordinance and more information:

On a related note - Len Pratt, of Pratt Homes agreed to remove Pratt Homes' directional signs advertising their nearby Fable Hill neighborhood. In the last year or so, these signs have been regularly placed throughout Victor Gardens property, in Val Jean Park, and Arbre Park.  Some residents objected to non-Victor Gardens neighborhoods being advertised on Victor Gardens property, and brought it to the attention of the Single Family and Master Boards.  
Non-Victor Gardens builders and non-Victor Gardens neighborhood signs installed on Victor Gardens property (especially along the front entrance) may be pulled out and recycled.