June 25, 2009

Master Association Board Meeting Agenda - June 25.

Victor Gardens Community Association - 2009 Board of Directors Meeting - June 25, 2009 6:00pm - 7:30pm

Hugo City Hall, Oneka Room

Meeting Agenda

1)  Annual Meeting

2) Call to Order

3) Approve Agenda

4) Review and Approve Minutes from Last Meeting (4/23/2009)

5) Commercial Property

     a) Hugo Medical Office Building

     b) Pet Paws Animal Hospital

6) Homeowner Forum

7) Management Financial Reports

a)    Balance Sheet

b)     Income Statement

c)     Accounts Payable

d)    General Ledger

8) Communication and Committee Reports

     a)  Pool Issues

          i)  Pool Committee Charter

9) Management Report

a) Work Order Report

b) Status of Landscaping Enhancements

c) ARC

   i)  Proposed ARC Process

10) New Business

       a) Delinquencies

11) Review of Action Items & Timeframe for Completion

12) Set Date for Next Meeting

13) Adjournment