June 4, 2009

We Need Your Help with the Pool - New Pool Committee Announced

The Victor Gardens pool is now open.  We need your help to ensure your pool stays open, clean, safe and secure this summer. 
Over the last few years our Association has struggled with ways to improve the pool experience for our residents.  Last summer's pool season was marred by ongoing vandalism, parental indifference, and too many cases of residents looking the other way while even basic pool rules were being violated. 
Your dues go towards the daily maintenance budget of our pool.  Every day a contractor is required by State Law to test the water and conduct a safety inspection.  Unfortunately, on far too many occasions our pool contractor reported problems outside the scope of his budgeted contract. This included intentional damage to the bathroom facilities, dogs in the pool, human waste in and around the pool, and residents swimming while the pool was closed for potentially dangerous chemical "shock" treatments.  This season is unfortunately already off to a another rocky start with a few cases of vandalism and poor behavior.  If similar damage and expenses continue, the Association will be forced to levy a special assessment to each Homeowner that lives in the Victor Gardens Community to recover this expense, or close the pool for the season.
It's important to remember that this is your pool.  When you don't speak up when minors under the age of 14 enter the pool gate, or to the couple who's swimming with their dog, or a parent whose infant isn't wearing a swim-diaper, or when you open the gate for a group of people who've "forgotten" their key, you may be also turning a blind eye to the very people that cost you and your fellow residents more than $3000.00 in unnecessary repairs and damage last year.  Money that could have been better spent beautifying your common areas, supporting neighborhood events or reducing your dues.  Paying for damage caused by so few is not the way any of us wants to see our money spent.
This summer, we can turn this around.  One solution is very simple- and we need your help!  Residents must stop opening the door for people without keys.  It's the simplest, most effective way to protect the amenity that you pay for.  We all must speak up when we know that something isn't right, and when someone's not following the rules.
Residents who want to ensure that the pool stays open and safe this summer are encouraged to sign-up for our new Victor Gardens Pool Committee.  This new committee, ideally made up of a few residents from each of our sub-associations will work closely with the Board of Directors to implement common sense solutions.  We're looking for residents who value their pool, and those who may offer creative or more traditional approaches to solving its challenges.  
Please contact Casey Groff, (cgroff@developcommunity.com - phone 763-225-6400) about your place on the Pool Committee!  If you don't want to join the committee we hope you'll follow the rules, and encourage others to do the same.