March 30, 2010

Announcing VG Neighborhood Yard Sale

It's that time of year again to start your spring cleaning and get your items ready for the annual Victor Gardens Neighborhood Sale!!!

Sale will be advertised in local papers and online (Facebook, Craigslist, etc...) for the following dates/times: May 20, 21 and 22nd from 8:30A-4P.

Feel free to open your garages during all or part of these hours. The sale will be advertised during these times but we'll leave it up to each homeowner to decide how many days/hours they want to participate, if at all. We hope this flexibility will entice more neighbors to participate--even if it's just for a few hours one day. This is a great way to get rid of unwanted items and to also shop neighbors sales for great deals!

There are no costs for the homeowner to participate...The signage and ad costs will be paid by the VG events committee...All you have to do is gather your items and open your garage door! In an effort to navigate traffic through the neighborhood sales, feel free to tie a red balloon or red balloons to your garage or tree by your driveway. Also, let Erin Yoshida know if you're planning to participate and she can make sure to navigate shoppers your way! A special thanks to Erin Yoshida for organizing the event again this year. Please email Erin with any questions @
We'll do a few signs but it's up to individual homeowners to do their own signage directing people to their homes.