April 22, 2010

Single Family Board Election April 28, 7PM at Rice Lake Centre

The Annual Meeting of the Victor Gardens Single Family Village Homeowners Association will be held on:

Wednesday, April 28, 2010 7:00 p.m., Rice Lake Centre, 6900 137th Street, Hugo, MN 55038 (map)

This is an important meeting. All owners are asked to attend.

The main purpose of this Annual Owners Meeting will be the election of directors to serve on the Association's Board. Owners will vote on two available positions. They are currently held by John Roehrich and Mark Vlker. Both John and Mark have expressed interest in running for another term. Owners are encouraged to nominate other potential candidates for these positions. Please ensure whomever you nominate will accept the nomination. Owners can nominate themselves if they wish. The two individuals receiving the highest vote count will be named director for a three year term.

General Information About Serving the Board:

  1. The Board of Directors consists of five individuals.
  1. Board meetings are held quarterly- usually at Victor Gardens Neighborhood Activity Center
  1. Board meetings typically are scheduled for early evening.
  1. Board meetings typically last 90 minutes.
  1. Board members will find it very useful to have email, as much of the day-to-day business of the Association is conducted via email.

Election Guidelines and Procedures:

  1. This election is to elect two Directors to the Board.
  1. The term length is for three years.
  1. Review nominations received through absentee ballots.
  1. Open the floor to nominations.
  1. Individuals may nominate themselves or someone else.
  1. The nominee must accept the nomination.
  1. Close nominations.
  1. Each nominee then introduces him or herself and explains why they would like to serve on the Board.
  1. Sealed ballot elections.
  1. In order to vote you must fill in your name, address and sign the ballot.
  1. Each household may cast one ballot only.

Other matters concerning the affairs of the Association will be discussed at the Annual Meeting. More info will be available and posted in the next few days.