May 27, 2010

Pool Open!

The Victor Gardens Pool is scheduled to open Friday May 28 at 10:00am. The new electronic key fob entry system is not yet in place, so you'll need to use your pool key to gain access for the time being.

Other than the obvious safety rules, sometimes overlooked rules should be highlighted:

1. No Glass! Please leave your bottles at home. If broken glass is discovered in the pool area, the entire pool may need to be drained, cleaned, and refilled.

2. Swim Diapers! This should be self explanatory. Pool contamination requires closing, draining, cleaning, and re-filling. It’s a process that’s expensive for the Association, and closes the pool for many days. It’s also completely avoidable. Please put swim diapers on kids that need them.
Also: Don’t feel like a summer “Grinch” when someone you don’t know tells you the old line, “I forgot my pool key at home. Please open the door for me?” In addition to overcrowding, allowing non-residents into Victor Gardens’ pool unfortunately presents a legal liability issue for all homeowners in the Victor Gardens Association
Questions about the pool can be directed to Kari Miller, Victor Gardens' Community Manager. (contacts page)