September 9, 2010


Paid Ads or Freebies?
In the past, a resident asked if I received free services for placing posts about window washers, painters, snow removal, lawn services, etc. It's a very fair question. The short answer is no. I do not ask for and have never received any form of compensation for these kinds of posts.
There are two reasons I post the messages. First, most of us value word-of-mouth recommendations from our neighbors. In a crowded field of contractors it's good to hear of others experiences (good or bad). If a neighborhood discount is offered- that's a bonus. Second, I like to support local entrepreneurs and small businesses. In a tough economy, a number of small jobs can make a difference in someone's bottom line.
I'm always willing to post a message for recommended contractors and local businesses. If you'd like to share a good experience with a babysitter, or a neighborhood shop, I'll be happy to share it on the website. Just please make sure, however, that you have some experience dealing with these companies before we recommend them in a post. Email me for suggestions.

About this website:
Another resident asked me how much this website costs our Victor Gardens association. The short answer again is nothing. Google (Blogger) hosts free of charge. Renewing the domain name and email account each year is a nominal expense paid by me. No residents dues pay for anything associated with this website or the emails I send out periodically.
Residents should know that this is not an official website of any Victor Gardens association. I started the site a few years back in response to a lack of resident communication with our neighborhood's developer. Sometimes the posts have been controversial, but I'm convinced that the website has led to important and positive changes. It's successful even if it's helps us get together for our Victor Gardens events.
- Mark