December 14, 2010

Snow Removal Update

Victor Gardens Master Association's Community Manager, Kari Miller, has been in close contact with Goetz Landscape regarding snow removal in Victor Gardens.  Goetz employees have been working long hours trying to keep up with the record snowfall and drifting we had last weekend.

There are a few things residents should be aware of:
  1. Vital areas are cleared first.
    1. Master Association streets & alleyways.
    2. Fire hydrants
    3. Postal stations
    4. Sidewalks
    5. Neighborhood Activity Center parking lot
    6. Other areas
  2. The Master Association does not remove snow on:
    1. Individual driveways and driveway aprons
    2. Homeowners’ steps
    3. Sidewalks from front door to public sidewalk.
  3. Some condo/townhome sub-associations may have additionally contracted others to clear steps and other secondary areas.  (Check with your sub-association’s board for more details).
  4. The City's plow trucks undid a lot of the work that Goetz had previously completed. After Goetz had cleared sidewalks, the City's plow pushed back snow "birms" further from the street and into cleared sidewalk areas.  Goetz is currently working again to clear those sidewalks.
  5. Residents calling the Sheriff with complaints about snow blower/plow noise delay the work being completed.