June 9, 2011

FTTH Discontinuing Service on July 31

One of Victor Gardens first service providers and operator of an fiber-optic Internet and phone system, FTTH (Fiber to the Home) sent their customers a letter informing that FTTH was discontinuing service to VG residents.  The letter dated June 6, 2011 read, "Unfortunately, after much consideration and a careful evaluation of our situation in your area, it has been determined that we will be disconnecting all phone and Internet services in your area on July 31, 2011. This means you will need to find a new provider for both of these services before that date. If you do not move your phone service to a new provider before that date you will lose that phone number and it will no longer be obtainable through our company."

In recent years, FTTH paid a small rent to our Master Association for space it rented in our common property. That will likely end this summer.

FTTH's announcement only affects service to their current customers.