October 27, 2011

Beaver Damage

Damage on a very large tree
Beavers have been taking down a number of trees (large and small) east of the bridge connecting the Creekside Village Assn. with the Single Family Village Assn..  This was reported to the Master Board about a week ago. Community Manager, Kari Miller called the DNR, and Board Members are looking into other potential remedies.

Since the initial report, a tree service has cut back a number of dangerously weak trees and limbs that the beavers started on. They've cleared out a large area along the creekside trail east of the bridge.

Here's an excerpt of the original report last week:  "They have built two dams in the creek behind the houses on Val Jean Blvd, but even more concerning is that they have begun to eat through almost every single large tree from the tree line that separates our houses from the Pratt houses across the creek.  They eat fast also - I fear that in a few weeks, these trees will be detroyed.  If you havn't seen it yet, you and you family should take a walk on the path behind our house and see the trees.

We called the MN DNR, but have not heard back.  [Name removed] and I feel that these beavers should be trapped and removed due to the potential damage they can cause to the trees, etc.  I'm not sure if this is even an "association" issue or not, but I thought I'd let you know and see what you think. "