November 9, 2011

Beaver Damage Update

In addition to the areas previously mentioned, Beavers have also been cutting trees around the ponds near VG's Neighborhood Activity Center/Pool and the City-owned trails near the South Village Condo Association and the Single Family Village Association.

Minnesota's Department of Natural Resources and the Rice Creek Watershed District have become involved and have removed 5 beaver dams and one 60lb. beaver so far.  Since a number of the trees were felled near the City of Hugo's trail the City will likely decide what to do with the downed trees.

A resident has also volunteered the name of a trapper who would remove the beavers at no charge.  (Thanks Joan!)

Kari Miller is working to coordinate the Association's response with the organizations responsible for the beavers.  I know a number of residents are concerned about beaver damage.  I'll likely have another update soon.