January 14, 2012

The Jardin Fountain Needs Someone Next Summer

Beginning last summer, maintenance of the Jardin Fountain was turned over to a professional fountain maintenance company.  Prior to that, ad hoc maintenance had been carried out by a mix of contractors and residents.  Unfortunately, the company the Master Association hired last year wasn't able to keep up with chronic algae growth and clean-up problems.  To address the problems for next year, Dan D. offered to keep an eye on the fountain and report it's condition to our Community Manager once a week.  That way, there would be a little more oversight on this Master Association amenity.  Algae and dirty fountain problems could be reported and resolved before they became major problems.

Unfortunately, Dan has sold their home and is no longer living in the neighborhood. He won't be able to report on the fountain's weekly or bi-weekly status next spring/summer season.

We're looking for one or two volunteers who, next spring, could regularly inform our Community Manager Kari Miller on the condition of the Jardin Fountain.  This could be as simple as sending one email a week or so to Kari.

Can you help?

Please let Kari Miller or I know if you're interested.  Thanks!

- Mark