March 26, 2012

Hamburger Nights at the American Legion

Every 4th Wednesday of the month from 5-8pm, the Legion hosts a special fundraising hamburger dinner to raise funds for a very good cause, the Beyond the Yellow Ribbon Network, and each month community businesses have the opportunity to funds and sponsor the event. This month Boyd's Promos is sponsoring the event. For just $5, you can enjoy a delicious grilled hamburger made to order, along with fries. It's a great meal and a great cause in helping those that work so hard to defend our freedoms.

For those of you that are not familiar with the organization, Beyond the Yellow Ribbon is a comprehensive program that creates awareness for the purpose of connecting Servicemembers and their families with community support, training, services and resources.

They do this by:
1. Creating awareness through the Yellow Ribbon Community Campaign and synchronizing sustainable community support networks.
2. Connecting and coordinating organizations, agencies and companies to provide resources and support to Servicemembers and their families.
3. Delivering a series of formal Yellow Ribbon Training events to Servicemembers and their families before, during and after deployment.
4. Providing an opportunity for Minnesotans to support Servicemembers and their families.
Beyond the Yellow Ribbon is united to bring Servicemembers all the way home.