July 17, 2012

Board Revokes Pool Privileges

In addition to investigating the recent problems I noted in my last post, the Master Board took action and revoked an owner's pool privileges. They allowed unauthorized people into the pool.

Remember: Your key fob is unique.  A log is kept of your fob's every swipe in and out of the Activity Center and Pool.  Cameras record everyone's activity around the pool area and its entrances.  This information is electronically stored and has been used by the Board to take action against rules violators.  Technologies present in Victor Gardens Pool and Activity Center can also be used to assist in law enforcement.

To prevent loss of pool privileges and fines:
Do not allow anyone other than your family and (up to four) guests to use your fob. 
Do not bring glass containers or food to the pool.
Understand the pool's other rules are in place to keep everyone safe and to prevent your dues from being spend on fixing expensive pool problems.