August 16, 2012

ARC Streamlines Approvals for Condo Storm/Screen Doors

In response to the previously lengthy approval process, many condo owners now have a streamlined option for installing pre-approved storm doors. Please refer to the new Storm Door Quick Reference Guide and Application Form for Condo Owners.

Condominium owners wishing to modify the exterior of their condo units should submit a Change Application, describe their proposal in writing, and include visual references. 

All questions and inquires should be directed to ARC's designated contact person:
Kari Miller
Victor Gardens Community Manager
Community Development, Inc. AAMC®
7100 Madison Ave. W.
Golden Valley, MN 55427
Office: (763) 225-6400
Direct: (763) 225-6424
Fax: (763) 225-6425

Application Forms - Existing Condominium Homes: