October 17, 2012

Former Land Office Site - Update

For years, the small parcel adjacent to Victor Gardens' Activity Center & Pool parking lot has been a source of frustration for many of our residents.  Many of us remember the Victor Gardens Land Office that once stood there. It's trees, roses, pond and fountain were a nice addition to the neighborhood and in a prime location.  

Even before the Developer turned over the master and sub-associations to the owners, there was talk about the great potential of that site.  I remember meetings in which a number of interesting ideas were floated.  They included, a formal french-style ornamental garden, a vegetable garden, a small park, a playground, etc.  There were a number of combinations of possibilities for that spot.  

Former land office site is part of a larger parcel
 owned by Victor Gardens' Master Assn.
Recently, one of our residents asked the Board a question about an auction that she had seen listed in the newspaper.  She, and I believed it was an auction for that former land office site.  In hindsight, we now know that the auction was for a different parcel in a different location.  With the Board's interest peaked on the land office site, Gary Sykes (of the North Village) and Josh Berger (who represents the SFV) did some more checking.  Ultimately, the City of Hugo informed Josh that the site was never subdivided.  We all were under the impression that the small property was owned by a bank.  As it turns out though, the site was owned by Victor Gardens Community Association (the Master Assn) all along.   It was part of the same parcel that contains the Activity Center, pool and pond.

Now that the question of ownership is finally settled, Victor Gardens' Long Term Planning Committee will be taking a closer look at the possibilities for this property.